Service promises to unlock for iCloud activation lock in iOS 7

Thieves have a hard time with iOS 7: A lost iPhone is locked with a lock activation &# 8211; without the Apple ID then nothing works. ChronicUnlocks recently offers an Unlock. What the cost and what is it, we show. 

Service promises to unlock for iCloud activation lock in iOS 7

Who among iOS 7 &# 8220; Find My iPhone&# 8221; establishes, also activates Apple's activation lock. A stolen iPhone can then delete and activate only after you enter the Apple ID data. &# 8220; Find My iPhone&# 8221; a thief without the Apple ID can not turn off as well.

The activation barrier is not only in case of theft a problem. Forgets a seller to reset his device, the purchased goods without the iCloud data of the previous owner remains useless. Apple writes on a support page: &# 8220; Before you sell your unit or share, you should make sure that you have removed all content and settings (go to "Settings" > "General" > "Reset to default"). If you delete the entire contents of the "Find My iPhone" feature, and the activation barrier will be disabled.&# 8221;

Those without access to his Apple ID and did not recover it through security issues and Co., can no longer use his iOS device, if possible.

ChronicUnlocks demanded $ 150 for the unlocked. The company unlocked neither lost nor stolen equipment his own words. To mark an iPhone as stolen, the user can it in  &# 8220; Lost&# 8221; set mode &# 8211; also a function of &Find My iPhone; # 8220&# 8221 ;. However, it is unclear how the company wants to identify stolen devices that are not reported as such. A gray area.

The service was a priority for used equipment in which the owner has not removed his Apple ID. Many users know not at all, according ChronicUnlocks that this is important. In countries such as Saudi Arabia or Yemen of Unlock also find use: There there is (still) no Apple stores to allow customers to bring their blocked devices if they have forgotten their login information.

Apple presented iOS 7 on the developer exhibition WWDC, 2013. The software update with completely reworked surface there was in the autumn of the year for iPhone and iPad.

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