Google Play Store: query and display allow credit

About the Google Play store can be equipped with new apps, eBooks, music and films her your Android device. Much of the media is chargeable. You can pay the Play Store among others, PayPal, credit card and Co. or with prepaid credit cards.

Google Play Store: query and display allow credit

These credit cards, the Google Play account is charged once. can then be made to existing remaining balance for the next purchase. Find out here how to be Google can retrieve Play Store credit.

So you can be Google Play Store balance query

Google Play Store: query and display allow creditDo you want to see the current Play Store credit, you are this two avenues available directly from the Google website or in the Google Play app.

Check Play Store credit online

  1. If the credit on the Google site such. B. are in the browser been retrieved, as follows.
  2. Gets the URL on the browser.
  3. Login you one with the Google account that you use on your Android device.
  4. Controls the "Payments" option.
  5. There all stored payment methods are listed.
  6. to have funds remaining on your device, it will appear here.

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Google Play credit View

Will you not specifically open a browser, you can find out the Play Store credit through Google Play app.

  1. google-wallet-payment methodsOpen the Google Play app on the device.
  2. Examined in the store by any paid app.
  3. Clicking on "Buy". Do not worry, at this point the app is not purchased and your account therefore not loaded.
  4. The payment options you can see how much Google Play credit still you have.
  5. the payment option is not confirmed, so you do not accidentally buy the selected app.
  6. Should it be something went wrong, you can also return later their purchased apps.


Play Store app permissions

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