FIFA Web App: So you managed your Ultimate Team on the PC


You are great FIFA fans and want your passion also prove? Then you have with the FIFA Web App and your Ultimate Team that opportunity.

FIFA Web App: What is it?

The football game &# 8220; FIFA&# 8221; should probably all of you know who own a console. If you want even more out of the game but get out when to play against the computer or friends in the game, you can create a team and manage this private Ultimate. This is made possible by the FIFA Web App and an Origin account that can synchronize between the app and your console her Scores, developments and much more.


FIFA Web App: Features

With the help of FIFA Web App you can even away from your console directly on the computer on your team access to prepare this on the next game, send cross-platform Football Club messages to your friends, see your statistics and compare them with other players. In addition, the FIFA Web app offers you the chance to get hold of in the transfer market properties to buy special sets and more.

So you can also use the FIFA Web App, but a few conditions must be met. First of all you need of course a console (Xbox 360 or One, Playstation 3 or 4) or a PC, without nothing works. And then you also need a copy of FIFA.

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After that you have to create your own team and (if not already) create an Origin account with which ye then logs on to your console / your PC.

Once you've done that, you can now through the browser of your PC to this page to access your team and begin to organize this and manage. Prerequisite is still here, that you have an Internet connection and a browser with the latest version of Flash.

EA Sports Football Club App

But wait, there's more. With the EA Sports Football Club App for Android and iOS you have in addition also the possibility to access with your smartphone on your Football Club Friends lists to send messages and receive interesting news. And the Tranfsermarkt is thanks to the app and an existing Internet connection.

Here are the links to the apps for iOS and Android:

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The app was not found in the store.

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