Media Markt exchange noise: buy action product and receive up to 220 € bonus

In the media market Exchange-noise * -action you get paid for buying a television, projector or large household appliance a coupon worth up to 220 Euros.

Media Markt exchange noise: buy action product and receive up to 220 € bonus

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Media Markt has once again a new action at the start: The startenede today Exchange noise* Where you can win up to 220 euros a "versus New bonus Alt", has actually nothing to do with swapping, because you have to deliver no old device to receive a coupon. As with the "Media Markt energy revolution" you get to any action product from 299 EUR, which you buy until 25/03/2017 at the Media Markt Online Shop, a premium in the form of a gift certificate.

The coupons are shipped on the 04/19/2017 by e-mail and can be redeemed until 30/09/2017 exclusively online. The voucher value depends on the price of the device and is graded as follows:

  • Device from 299 euro - 30 euro bonus
  • Device from 499 euro - 50 euro bonus
  • Device from 999 euro - 120 euro bonus
  • Unit from 1,499 euros - 220 euro bonus

Media Markt exchange noise - Action Details

  • Valid till 03/25/2017, 09:00
  • Coupons are the earliest from 19/04/2017 sent by e-mail
  • &# 8230; and may until 30.09.2017 be redeemed online
  • The minimum order value must be at least 1 euro higher than the coupon value

Media Markt exchange noise: buy action product and receive up to 220 € bonus

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What products includes the action?

All participating products are marked as action items. Buyer following devices from a price of 299 euros you get the coupons:

  • TV
  • projector
  • sound bars
  • Washing machines
  • dryer
  • vacuum cleaner
  • Refrigerators and freezers
  • dishwasher
  • Food Processors
  • Coffee machines
  • Ranges, ovens and cooktops

Note that the price of the device is critical to the amount of the coupon, not the purchase value. Several low-cost products can therefore not be combined to achieve the 299 euro minimum charge for obtaining a voucher.
Media Markt exchange noise: buy action product and receive up to 220 € bonus

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Applies the action only online or in the market?

The Media Markt exchange noise * runs both online and offline, but separated from each other, saying, gift coupons for items purchased online are sent by email and can be redeemed only at the Media Markt online shop. The coupons received in the market for the purchase of a new widerum are redeemable at the market.

We have you picked out a few examples from the Media Markt online shop that are worthwhile:

  • LG 49LH510V FHD TV* (Flat, 49-inch, full HD, triple tuner, DVB-T2 HD) for 379 € + 30 € coupon
  • LG OLED TV OLED55B6D* (Flat, 55-inch, ultra-HD, HDR, web browser, DVB-T2 HD, Magic Remote) for 2.349 Euro + 220 Euro Coupon
  • Optoma projector H183X* (HD-ready, 3D, 3,200 ANSI lumens) for 385 € + 30 € coupon
  • LG DSH8 4.1 Soundbar* (Bluetooth, Silver) for 299 € + 30 € coupon
  • Sonos Playbar 3.0 Soundbar* (2.1 home theater system, App-controlled, Black) for 699 € + 50 € coupon
  • Dyson 360 Eye Staubsaugerroboter* 999 Euro + 120 Euro Coupon
  • Saeco HD8927 / 01 PicoBaristo coffee machine* (Ceramics, 1.8 liter water tank) for 599 € + 50 € coupon

Media Markt gift cards redeemable?

YES! If you still have vouchers "60 Euro gift cards for 50 euros" action from the past remain, you can redeem them, of course, the purchase of the new TV, projector or large household appliance and save even more.


Sonos and Amazon Alexa

For whom is the action worth?

The media market Exchange noise is worth it for those who already were planning a major purchase, and possibly lead to further acquisitions after it. If you buy you as a TV, you can use the bonus coupon to buy a sound bar, a home cinema system or Blu-ray player. If you are just moved and large household appliances like a new washing machine, dryer, refrigerator, dishwasher, etc. needed, the action is also just right.

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