Smart Lock for Passwords: Google introduces cross-platform password manager

Google Smart Lock is extended by a true-password manager function. In the future, associated with the Google account service is cross-platform manage passwords and make the constant re-entry obsolete. This will work regardless of whether you intend to save the password on your PC, tablet or smartphone for the first time.

Smart Lock for Passwords: Google provides cross-platform password manager before [I / O 2015]

Update May 29: Meanwhile, the corresponding web page has gone for Smart Lock Google online There you can sign in with their Google account and receive insight about all currently stored accounts and passwords. It is even possible to display the passwords. To use on the smartphone, the Google Play Services 7.5 are required.

Smart Lock Passwords

One of the biggest challenges in everyday life of the average Internet user is likely to create new accounts, and in particular new passwords. Due to high degree of certainty requirements of many services, passwords are so complex part that they have to write, to be able to internalize some point - a worst possible solution. Password manager create here has always been a remedy and Google wants to expand Smart Lock in the future as just such.

Smart Lock to make password entry superfluous

The focal point is the own Google Account: If you have the Chrome browser with this connected, all stored account information is linked to the Google Account and can be accessed across platforms. To Register as a PC via Chrome Netflix, so a notification is made automatically, but also in the corresponding App, not only in the Chrome app on the smartphone. The prerequisite for this course is that the developers have integrated the appropriate interface in their app. So far this is the case with Eventbrite, Orbitz, Netflix, Instacart, The New York Times and soon LinkedIn, more developers will follow in the future the example.

android smartlock-password managersmart-lock settings-android-MSmart-lock settings-google-android-M

Google Identity Toolkit: Secure and convenient authentication

google-smart-lock password 11

For Google, the virtual identity of each user is important: Google sign-in you want a secure yet comfortable way for users have to identify themselves anywhere in the network, thus avoiding the tedious creation of new accounts. Also for the provider of services, this has a positive effect, because you can record a higher rate of registrations. Finally, we simplified the procedure of registration are willing to do this a lot more users.

The developer for the imaginary Identity Toolkit will next signing up with e-mail and password and registration via common services such as Facebook and of course allow Google+. Good news: Not only Android M but also on Android 2.3 Gingerbread and later this function is finding their way, according to Google. Furthermore, the user can find elsewhere under Smart Lock different unlock methods before, which should make life easier for the user. Currently Google has the name thus assigned twice what you will certainly change in the future.

Source: Google Developers Blog via Android Police

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