Initial tests for the Apple Watch Series 3: higher work rate, excessive LTE

The first tests of the Apple Watch Series 3 are there and light the new features of the watch. Is it Apple succeeded the SmartWatch to miss any significant progress? Our summary:

Initial tests for the Apple Watch Series 3: higher work rate, excessive LTE

Outwardly, almost nothing has changed - the Apple Watch Series 3 has become a little bit thicker than its predecessor, in principle, but the design corresponds to the known.

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This also applies to many hardware details. So you can testing the Series 3 on which the Series 2 hang (but mind you the first generation that can not keep up with the current clock time of publication in hardware and software). In the test, the Apple Watch Series 2 we were very impressed - especially from the display, processing, but also (with minor flaws) of ergonomics and equipment, with GPS, splash protection and some more. However, medium, we evaluated the battery.

What is now new? First, the clock in our Hands-On:


Apple Watch Series 3

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LTE connection of Apple Watch Series 3 in the test

The Apple Watch Series 3 offers the first LTE connectivity. This is the most important new feature of Apple Watch Series 3, Apple has had to apply this technical tricks, such as: The display is the same for mobile radio antenna. To use this feature, however, is absolutely a telecom tariff with Multi-SIM necessary (even if no SIM card is inserted). This fare must be used on the iPhone. A connection abroad is not possible.

Restrictions on restrictions.

How good or bad in this country the LTE connection works, evaluate the German magazines that have been able to test the clock, unfortunately only briefly or not - maybe lacked the appropriate wireless service plan? Every customer should consider beforehand whether he can use the Cellular option at all.

Unlike FAZ and mirror the star called a few test results:

  • The configuration of mobile Apple Watch is "easy" network service provider to get a QR code that is scanned into the iPhone app.
  • Until the clock connected to the wireless network, it takes a few seconds (the connection is made only when the iPhone is no longer accessible).
  • The Apple Watch is accessible via the same telephone number, even if the phone is switched off.
  • The microphone is good enough that the other person does not recognize whether iPhone or Apple Watch is used.

From the United States a more rigorous wind blows: The Verge complained about persistent connectivity problems over mobile in conjunction with the American mobile operator AT&T. Instead magical moments rather turned a disappointment: With the text messages and Siri did not go according to the test quite immediately, the change from wireless stuttered on LTE. The ability to stream Apple Music directly from the network at the time, Apple offers the way to not yet.

If it works then but to the wireless network, draining the battery ratzfatz. The noted The Verge, but also the official statement from Apple calls himself only an hour useful life.

 watchOS 4 and other statements concerning Apple Watch 3

So the new feature seems to have failed (for now). Positive contrast, there are other areas to report:

  • watchOS 4 including the new dials praise many testers, The Independet for example, speaks of a much improved interface. The benefit of this system, yes, but also the owners of the older Apple Watches come.
  • The processor speeds according to FAZ the pace of work of the SmartWatch noticeably and ...
  • ... the audio quality of the small watches speaker has risen significantly.
  • The Apple Watch is a supplement rather than replace it with other gadgets, the mirror says in summary.

Watch Apple Watch at Saturn

Conclusion: The first tests for the Apple Watch Series 3 sound positive, no wonder Apple improve something that has proven itself now. In terms Cellular version but the manufacturer must obviously still readjust. For now expected this version - still interested in a minority - if only for the limited tariff offer. Without LTE option, the Apple Watch Series 3 cheaper.

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