Opinion: The dual SIM option of the HTC U11 is a small detail – and part of a revolution

Almost everywhere in the world are dual SIM smartphones common practice. In Western Europe, the handy feature is also becoming more widespread, but not in the luxury class. The HTC U11 changes that - with a clever move.

Opinion: The dual SIM option of the HTC U11 is a small detail - and part of a revolution

Dual SIM smartphones are practical. With the ability to use two SIM cards in one phone, you can use with the devices at the resort at affordable local rates the Internet combine to ensure that at least in rural areas with coverage gaps professional and personal numbers on one device can call a network or added to book a cheap tariff data to its strain rate.

Dual sim is therefore a clear added value in terms of flexibility, but this country is not often used. While the current top smartphones from Samsung, HTC and Huawei in emerging markets such as China and India have been available for years almost exclusively as a dual SIM version prevails in the West continue to single-SIM wasteland before. Although this monopoly is crumbling slowly, which, however, so far, mainly by pressure from the lower and middle class.

Numerous devices under 300 euros approximately, Lenovo Moto-G series, the Honor devices, some smartphones from Huawei and virtually every smartphone entry level from the manufacturer-B-squad (about Wileyfox, Archos or Acer), are currently dual- SIM functionality provided. In the upper class hardly does anything. The OnePlus devices are a remarkable exception, however, only available in direct trade, known mostly enthusiasts and not widespread in the mainstream. Who wants to have, however, a popular song smartphone like the Galaxy S8 with dual SIM functionality, the device for a lot of money and a certain risk from abroad has to import.

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Why is the dual SIM functionality in western countries like Germany so rarely encountered? To explain the reason why you have to look at the markets: In countries like India and China dual SIM is not only good manners to the pressure of the market makes it a practical necessity. A user from India explained that in a recent post on reddit as (translation by us):

In India, the dual SIM is a must-have for most, both students and professionals. (...) If a cell phone is not dual SIM capability, it sells not good. (...) Like most Indians, I use prepaid plans. (...) For example: the telephone tariff of Telenor is extremely cheap, but the data speed bad. Airtel has good data rates, but higher telephone costs. So many people use Telenor for calls and Airtel for data and thus get the best of both worlds without having to pay double.

So there are historically grown reasons that lead to the current market conditions in India, in China, it is similar. And here? In comparison, the Germans want to have more expensive smartphones. And because they do not want to pay a chunk of this, change a significant proportion of smartphones in this country under a fixed-term contract the owner - in principle as supported by the mobile operators installment. The large provider again like strength of their still existing market power, dual SIM not. Because the feature, offering customers the opportunity to use SIM cards of the competition in parallel.

Crumbling this rejection of dual SIM in the West? Nick Muir, CEO of Wileyfox and former product manager at Motorola, has certified us in person last year that at least there will be a tentative rethink. The signs of the times suggest: We though most top smartphones be bundled with fixed-term contracts sold, but the more frequently not directly from the providers, but through third dealers like 1&1, mobilcom-debitel or your mobile phone, which also offer fares, but handle phone Select and send its own - and where there is relatively no matter what characteristics brings the selling smartphone.

The history speaks for this: A few years ago many mobile phones and smart phones with SIM and Netlocks were equipped, today this practice has disappeared almost from the collective memory of the use of technology - fortunately. There is evidence that this development will take place in the dual SIM.

The German Telekom offers the Huawei Mate 9 as part of their contracts as a dual SIM version (Screenshot: telekom.de)

The German Telekom offers the Huawei Mate 9 as part of their contracts as a dual SIM version (Screenshot: telekom.de)

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Dual-SIM standard - also with us

Even the available since the end of 2016. Huawei Mate 9 brings the German Telekom as a dual SIM version *Opinion: The dual SIM option of the HTC U11 is a small detail - and part of a revolution among the people, if you can believe the spec sheet. Another important stone in this mosaic is the HTC U11. Although this is further neutered to a SIM slot, if one rises it under a fixed-term contract with Vodafone and other providers at first hand - on the open market (and presumably also on contract dealer second hand) you get but the dual SIM version , This is a clear added value. That HTC at least brings the U11 partly as a dual SIM variant on the market, is a smart move, because the Taiwanese thus not bump the provider completely over the head, while the dual-SIM model has a visible, tangible advantage over the provider variant. can dispense with the U11, the provider does not - Vodafone has recently highlighted the U11 in a press release even as a sample device for its new LTE speeds. But: dual SIM as a feature begins as to spread and creates acceptance among customers.


HTC U11 in hands-on first impressions to crush phone

I lean out of the window with a forecast: Customers who are familiar, will in the future more and more often for a non-prescription dual SIM device - decide or provider contract, in which they, the dual - no matter what price range get SIM version of their favorite smartphones. Maybe not on the HTC U11, maybe not even in the upcoming flagships this year, but the realization that the feature is handy, is continue to spread.

HTC's dual SIM U11 will not stay with this option in our area the only top unit. the need of new customers for the feature and the stronger the pressure on the provider to make a piece of their power and offer dual SIM devices by default, are the more dual SIM devices on the market, the greater. Who knows - maybe then prevail at some point in Western Europe in this regard by Indian standards - to be desired, it would be us.

Thanks anyway for this important step, HTC.

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