GTA Online – Cunning Stunts: Creating Stunt Run and Start

In Cunning Stunts, the latest update for GTA Online, you now have the opportunity to drive stunt races that lead you in schwindelerregnde heights with crazy jumping opportunities. In addition, you have to create your own Stunt Run option thanks Editor. In this guide we tell you everything worth knowing about the stunt races and where you can start it.

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the extension Cunning stunts Stunt drivers are a new incentive in GTA 5. So you turn into winding tube lengths between the skyscrapers of Los Santos along or completed stunt race with ramps, loops and wall rides. As you stunt race takes place and you can start and how their own which created with the editor, we show you below.

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GTA online &# 8211; Cunning Stunts: Start Stunt Run

With installation of the DLCs are Los Santos and the surrounding area 16 new routes for Stunt Run added. On the lines is:

  • Canyon Crossing
  • City Air
  • Downtown Loop
  • Duel
  • East Coast
  • Maze Bank Ascent
  • Nightlife
  • Over and Under
  • plummet
  • Racing Alley
  • Rally
  • splits
  • Threading the Needle
  • trench I
  • turbine
  • Vinewood Downhill

The new Stunt Run recognize her on the map based on the pink stunt series marks. So place yourselves on these issues to go directly into the stunt races to enter. Over the following weeks, even more stunt races and vehicles are to be added to keep adrenaline junkies in line.

gta online stunt run-start-create-screenshot

So that you are prepared for the race, more vehicles, and appropriate clothing stunt the game have already been added now. So there are new vehicles and matching stunt cars for each car class.

GTA online &# 8211; Cunning Stunts: Creating Stunt Run

Are you the stunt 16 racetracks in the long term too boring, provides a editor variety. Here you can build your own crazy race courses and try and make them available to the community. should assure the construction for variety over 100 different stunt props.

gta online stunt run-start-create-screenshot-2

Unfortunately, the editor for Stunt Run will appear a little later. At the August 2nd the editor will be given later, can tinker their own tracks with. When the time comes, we will tell you at this point all you have to know her to create Stunt Run.

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