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The Steganos Password Manager stores your download passwords with secure encryption and transmits them with just one click an example in web forms.

It is important for passwords that they contain as many random characters and that one uses a different for each access. However, nowadays most people have many entrances, their secure passwords you can not possibly remember all. Fortunately, there are programs that store passwords encrypted and can enter in forms and other additions automatically. Such a program gets you to the Steganos Password Manager download.

Download here you get a 30-day Terstversion; the full version of Steganos Password Manager can purchase the manufacturer her at the link.

Steganos Password Manager

Steganos Password Manager Download: securely stored passwords yet available everywhere

The Steganos Password Manager includes add-ons to automatically insert passwords in web forms for the browser Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer. In addition, apps for iOS and Android, as well as a portable version for use with a USB flash drive to any computer available. Furthermore, the Steganos Password Manager offers download a password generator for creating strong passwords, supports images passwords and provides a print function is available with which you can print out password lists to define this for example in the deposit box or with a notary.

Also, mobile access to your passwords using Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive or Telekom Media Center is possible with Steganos Password Manager.

Steganos Password Manager stores your passwords with highly secure 256-bit AES encryption. Protection against keyloggers provides the program with a virtual keyboard and protection from click-recorders with a character mixing function.

A free password manager, but offers fewer features than Steganos Password Manager, for example, KeePass.

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Steganos Password Manager

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