A Way Out: The PS4 is according to the developers only an obsolete PC

was at E3 &# 8220; A Way Out&# 8221; announced. The co-op game will set you the challenge to escape with a friend from a prison. In an interview the makers about the power of current hardware talked. And the PS4 gets it quite off their fat.


A Way Out - Announcement Trailer

Consoles are lagging always behind the latest PCs. This can not be avoided due to the ever-changing components of the PC. However, this circumstance lament the want to develop for multiple platforms some developers. Sun also recently game director Josef Fares, who is currently working with his studio at the co-op game A Way Out.

Even more exclusive titles planned for PS4

Do you want the unvarnished truth? The machine is not as strong as you might think. The PS4 is like a five year old PC. If consoles were really as strong as a PC, then we would see other games. The bulk of the work of developers is to take their game to the consoles running.

All about A Way Out

A Way Out was presented at the Microsoft press conference at E3. With the Xbox One X developers A Way Out should have sufficient resources to run their game without restrictions. So far, A Way Out has no official release date. If they are further restrained by the current consoles, but it could still take a while. A Way Out should eventually for PC, Xbox One and the PS4 appear.

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