Bild newspaper: Make contact and subscription notice by mail

&# 8220; With the tabloid can record their contact, for example, if you cancel your subscription or want to share your opinion on an article in the editorial. We show you in this guide as you reach the tabloids can &# 8211; either by e-mail, telephone or by post.


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The tabloid (FIG) is one of the most senior, most famous and auflagenstärsten tabloid newspapers in Germany. Despite the general downward trend in the print media, the support of IMAGE is still a day at 1.8 million copies. If you have subscribed to the tabloids or will make known your opinion about an item, you can contact the Bild newspaper. Here you are open to different possibilities.

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Bild newspaper: Contact us online or by e-mail

Image offers a Comprehensive web portal, reached on her newspaper online. Here you can, among other things:

  • send photos to the Bild newspaper and earn up to 250 euros per image.
  • ask the picture for help if you have trouble with authorities, companies and the administration.
  • The image cause to pursue important information.
  • ask questions about, Premium Subscription Media Plus.

If you have questions directly to the website or the editor want to share the opinion about an article, you can use and there make your request the following form. If you want to extend your subscription or cancel offers you the picture own subscription page, on which you log with the registration service mypass and then continue the process. You reach the screen, presented the following email address: [email protected].

reach readers hotline phone: tabloid

If you seek direct contact with IMAGE, you also have the possibility to call by phone on site. Here are the numbers for the individual local newsrooms and Bundesauagabe the Bild newspaper:

  • IMAGE Federal output (030) 25 91 0
  • IMAGE Berlin (030) 25 91-71200
  • IMAGE Bremen (0421) 14 568
  • IMAGE Chemnitz (0371) 67 4900
  • IMAGE Dresden (0351) 86 57 300
  • IMAGE Dusseldorf (0211) 13010
  • IMAGE Frankfurt (069) 84 84 84-0
  • IMAGE Hall (0345) 211 98 19
  • IMAGE Hamburg (040) 347 24 929
  • IMAGE Hannover (0511) 96 04 147
  • IMAGE Cologne (0221) 160 440
  • IMAGE Leipzig (0341) 21 80 500
  • IMAGE Magdeburg (0391) 53 28 70
  • IMAGE Mainz-Wiesbaden (06131) 27 75 91 0
  • IMAGE Rhein-Neckarhausen (0621) 43 88 40
  • IMAGE Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (0381) 49 75 20
  • IMAGE Munich (089) 21103-277
  • IMAGE Nuremberg (0911) 24 26 80
  • IMAGE Ruhr (0201) 24 05 34-0
  • IMAGE Saarland (0681) 938190
  • IMAGE Stuttgart (0711) 3199 - 321
  • IMAGE Thuringia (0361) 56 55 60

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If you have questions, you can set IMAGE on either online, over the telephone or in writing.

record in writing with the IMAGE Contact: Address

If you have a major concern that you would prefer to clarify by mail, it is advisable to seek the postal way, and to write the Bild newspaper directly. Here, the address and the address PICTURE:

Axel-Springer-Strasse 65
10888 Berlin

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