Pokemon sun and moon: Pokemon resort, so you build from the islands

Pokémon sun and moon offers you some new features of the features in the game. One is the Pokémon Resort. Here you can travel to their different islands and visit wellness places or training areas for your Pokémon. We show you on this page, what benefits have you by the Pokémon resort and how you can construct on the different islands.

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You can level up with the Pokémon resort quite well your Pokémon and even find rare Pokémon and catch. There is also to find some rare items. Many reasons to visit the Pokémon resort and try out the many features. Pokémon sun and moon is generally a game with many interesting side activities and alternatives to the main story of the top four. These include the Festival Plaza or the struggle tree.


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Pokémon sun and moon: Pokémon resort bases and information

You can enter the Pokémon resort once their Kiawes Island test done and Charizard have entered in your PokéMobil radio. Go into your menu and selects the appropriate position so that you via you Air-Charizard there embark. is the boss of the resort Poppy, which you familiarize right after your arrival with all the key bases of the resort. Once he has told you everything he asks you to expand the islands. OK, let&# 8217; s!

Pokemon resort

Poppy tells you everything you should know to Pokémon Resort.

In Pokémon Resort is your can PC box Pokémon recover. are very important in this case the Pokébohnen. This can you feed it to your little monster, even if they are in a Poké-break. stand on the islands dare, which can fill you with Pokébohnen. With these items you can wild Pokémon attract on the island. Of beans there are the following versions:

  • Standard Pokébohnen: These beans have a duration of 20 minutes.
  • Pattern Pokébohnen: These beans have a duration of 60 minutes.
  • Rainbow Pokébohnen: These beans have a duration of 120 minutes.

On one of the islands is a tree, which you can shake to reach more beans. The various stages of Pokébohnen have an effect on the duration of action. You can at Maho exchange pattern Pokébohnen against 3 standard Pokébohnen and Rainbow Pokébohnen against 7 normal. It also helps you in extending the individual islands. The different islands are:

  • Wellness Island
  • Berry Island
  • Adventure Island
  • Fitness Island
  • Spa Island

That ye enter their new islands and unlock, you should have a certain number of beans collected and have set some Pokémon in the PC box. We have you created a list with which you see the activation conditions of the islands in Pokémon Resort:

stepWellness IslandBerry IslandAdventure IslandFitness IslandSpa Island
1Available from the beginning.
  • 15 beans
  • 15 Pokémon
  • 30 beans
  • 30 Pokémon
  • 45 beans
  • 45 Pokémon
  • 60 beans
  • 60 Pokémon
  • 30 beans
  • 15 Pokémon
  • 60 beans
  • 30 Pokémon
  • 90 beans
  • 45 Pokémon
  • 120 beans
  • 60 Pokémon
  • 150 beans
  • 75 Pokémon
  • 90 beans
  • 30 Pokémon
  • 90 beans
  • 30 Pokémon
  • 150 beans
  • 60 Pokémon
  • 225 beans
  • 75 Pokémon
  • 240 beans
  • 90 Pokémon

Each island has its own features. We show you little by what's behind the name.

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Pokémon Resort: The feel-good island

This island looks a bit like an upside down heart. one in the middle is tree, whom you for new Pokébohnen can shake. Once you have reached a higher level, gives you the tree more beans. You can directly from the beginning, go to this island because they your &# 8220; Bean source&# 8221; is. Around the tree all Pokémon that are normally found in the PC box collect. If you tapping the Pokémon, you learn how they like in Pokémon Resort.

Pokemon sun and moon resort

The center of your resort &# 8211; here gets their Pokébohnen.

If you lay enough beans in the box in the middle, you will attract wild Pokémon. These keep for a while (not wait too long!) On the island. If they like it well, you can them after a few hours in your collection without a fight or take exercise. Do not worry if any of the guest Pokémon should leave. Unfortunately, you can not record any visitor to your team, as some simply disappear. The following Pokémon await you on this island:

SpearowNormal flightno
ZubatPoison flightno
MagnemiteElectric Steelno
NebulakSpirit Giftno
MurkrowUnlicht, flightno
WingullWater, airno
DrifblimSpirit Flightno
GerominatzNormal flightSun
SkallykUnlicht, flightmoon
RocaraRock Fee-
PeppeckNormal flight-
Poliwagwaterreached Ula-Ula
Staryuwaterreached Ula-Ula
PinsirBeetlereached Ula-Ula
DartiriNormal flightreached Ula-Ula
TromborkSpirit, Plantreached Ula-Ula
gufawaterreached Ula-Ula
SkarmorySteel, flightachieved Poni
MetangSteel, Psychoachieved Poni
ClavionSteel, Feeachieved Poni
ScytherBeetles, flightcompleted the league
laprasWater, icecompleted the league
Mismagiusspiritcompleted the league
EmolgaElectric, flightcompleted the league

Pokémon Resort: Berry Island

Do you have some berries in the bag? Then you can plant these berries on the island and harvest regularly. This ye may get more berries and use it without much worry.

Pokemon Sun and Moon resort

The berries Island is your personal Poké-garden.

If you have anything to increase the level of the island, you can gradually plant after more berries.

  • Step 1: 6 berries
  • Level 2: 12 berries
  • Level 3: 18 berries

The berries but not all grow at the same speed. Since some berries take a long time, you can here again a couple Pokébohnen use, thus accelerate growth. We show you in our list which Berry how much time needed and how large the respective income is.

berryearningstakes time
Akibeere2 &# 8211; 8 berries72 hours
Amrenabeere4 &# 8211; 12 berries24 hours
Apikobeere2 &# 8211; 8 berries72 hours
Babiribeere2 &# 8211; 6 berries48 h
Burleobeere2 &# 8211; 6 berries48 h
Chiari berry2 &# 8211; 6 berries48 h
Eipfelbeere2 &# 8211; 8 berries72 hours
Foepasbeere2 &# 8211; 6 berries48 h
Fragiabeere4 &# 8211; 12 berries24 hours
Gauvebeere3 &# 8211; 9 berry24 hours
Giefebeere3 &# 8211; 9 berry24 hours
Grana berry2 &# 8211; 6 berries48 h
Grarzbeere2 &# 8211; 6 berries48 h
Grindobeere2 &# 8211; 6 berries48 h
Hi-berry2 &# 8211; 6 berries48 h
Honmelbeere5 &# 8211; 14 berries48 h
Jonagobeere4 &# 8211; 12 berries24 hours
Kerzalbeere2 &# 8211; 6 berries48 h
Kiroyabeere2 &# 8211; 6 berries48 h
Koakobeere2 &# 8211; 6 berries48 h
Kobabeere2 &# 8211; 6 berries48 h
Krambobeere2 &# 8211; 4 berry72 hours
Labrusbeere5 &# 8211; 14 berries48 h
Lansatbeere2 &# 8211; 4 berry72 hours
Latchibeere2 &# 8211; 6 berries48 h
Linganbeere2 &# 8211; 8 berries72 hours
Lydzibeere2 &# 8211; 8 berries72 hours
Magobeere3 &# 8211; 9 berry24 hours
Maron berry4 &# 8211; 12 berries24 hours
Morbbeere4 &# 8211; 12 berries24 hours
Persimbeere4 &# 8211; 12 berries24 hours
Pirsifbeere4 &# 8211; 12 berries24 hours
Prunusbeere4 &# 8211; 10 berries48 h
Pyapabeere2 &# 8211; 6 berries48 h
Qualotbeere5 &# 8211; 14 berries48 h
Rospelbeere2 &# 8211; 6 berries48 h
Saimbeere3 &# 8211; 9 berry24 hours
Salkabeere2 &# 8211; 8 berries72 hours
Sananabeere4 &# 8211; 12 berries24 hours
Schukebeere2 &# 8211; 6 berries48 h
Setangbeere5 &# 8211; 14 berries48 h
Sinelbeere4 &# 8211; 12 berries24 hours
Tahaybeere2 &# 8211; 8 berries72 hours
Tamotbeere5 &# 8211; 14 berries48 h
Tanigabeere2 &# 8211; 6 berries48 h
Tarabeere2 &# 8211; 8 berries72 hours
Terirobeere2 &# 8211; 6 berries48 h
Tsitrubeere5 &# 8211; 15 berries48 h
Wikibeere3 &# 8211; 9 berry24 hours
Wilbirbeere4 &# 8211; 12 berries24 hours
Yapabeere3 &# 8211; 9 berry24 hours
Zitarzbeere2 &# 8211; 6 berries48 h

Pokémon Resort: The Adventure Island

On this island you can get some rare items by her your Pokémon sent on an expedition. Each of these missions will take 24 hours and they bring you, for example, evolution stones.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Resort

On the Adventure Island is there to discover many rare items.

However, you should make efforts to increase the levels as quickly as possible, as this will better rewards for expeditions available.

  • Step 1: Route the strange pieces.
  • Level 2: Route of curious items and route of shining gems.
  • Level 3: Route of the precious treasures.
Route the strange pieces• Granite • Yellow piece • animator • Green Pieces • Star Pieces • Indigo piece • piece Purple
Route of the shining gems• Lichtlehm • Flint • Eisstein • Eternal stone • Thunderstone • Finsterstein • Sparkling Stone Leaf Stone • • Easy stone • Glowstone • Granite • Wasserstein • Oval stone • Sunstone • Moonstone
Route of the precious treasures• Triperle • Giant Pearl Nugget • • Pearl • Giant Nugget • Comet piece • Stone Bone • Goldkronkorken
Route of curious items• Items of all available routes

Pokémon Resort: Fitness Island

The perfect place for training your Pokémon &# 8211; The fitness island. You can choose whether your companion a couple EV points or experience should deserve. Just give them a certain drink, and they start Training session of 30 minutes. Sets her but a Pokébohne a, the length is halved.

Pokemon Sun and Moon resort

On the fitness island can train you your Pokémon.

The higher the level of the island, the more Pokémon can train simultaneously.

  • Step 1: 6 Pokémon
  • Level 2: 12 Pokémon
  • Level 3: 18 Pokémon

Both EV points it is about diligence points. This does not directly improve the status values ​​of your Pokémon, but they increase the bonus for next Level. If one of your companions as many Attack EV possess, he gets clear when Level-Up more targets added. So this ye may the most out of your Pokémon get out when you train them. How to get to our table, what training options you have on the fitness island:

Level Potion• approximately 300 EP per set
Defense Potion• 1 defense EV (step 1) • 2 defense EVs (Stage 2) • 4 Defense EVs (Level 3)
KP Potion• 1 KP-EV (step 1) • 2 KP-EVs (Stage 2) • 4 KP-EVs (Level 3)
Attack Potion• 1 Attack EV (step 1) • 2 Attack EVs (Stage 2) • 4 attack EVs (Level 3)
SP Defense Potion• 1 SP Defense EV (Step 1) 2 • SP Defense EVs (Stage 2) • 4 SP Defense EVs (Level 3)
SP Attack Potion• 1 SP-attack EV (Step 1) 2 • SP-attack EVs (Stage 2) • 4 SP Attack EVs (Level 3)
Initiative Potion• 1 Initiative-EV (step 1) • 2-initiative EVs (Stage 2) • 4-EVs Initiative (Level 3)

Pokémon Resort: The Spa Island

After all that training your Pokémon have earned some relaxation. For this, you can tour the spa island and the satisfaction increaseFurthermore, you can outstandingly hatching eggs. In combination with a few Pokébohnen this is happening twice as fast.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Island Spa

On the Spa Island your Pokémon can turn off or you can hatch eggs.

With a higher level you can again increase the number of your relaxation Pokémon.

  • Step 1: 6 Pokémon
  • Level 2: 12 Pokémon
  • Level 3: 18 Pokémon

Now you know all the islands and you can do almost anything there for your Pokémon. Have fun!

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