use Netflix in Germany: Legal American top series look

Since September 2014, there are now Netflix finally in Germany. Now you can legally and exclusively see the hottest US series like "Breaking Bad," "Orange is the New Black" or "House of Cards" without cumbersome detours on the home PC or TV.

use Netflix in Germany: Legal American top series look


Introducing: A Brand New Netflix Experience on TVs - GIGA

Since the end of 2014, Netflix is ​​now available at last in Germany. the program through our link you can now try out one week and watch all your favorite shows on Netflix, after paying her less than 5 euros a month:

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Original message: Although the streaming service Netflix is ​​expanding at present to Europe, but Germany is apparently not yet ready to receive the American series and movies that has the video store to offer here in full. one can nevertheless look when applying a few little tricks.

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Netflix: logging out of all devices - when strangers use your account

Netflix look into Germany via proxy

Gets her website Netflix from Germany on, you get the message that the service is not available in your country at present. These are a classic country lock, which can be dealt with a little trick but without slipping into illegality equal.

It should be noted, however, that the procedure to terminate the account may result. You are responsible with the use of tricks, moves in a legal gray area, even for the consequences of your actions.

netflix-message: country-lock prevents streaming series in their country

Using the example from Mozilla Firefox, we introduce you to the adjustments so that you can receive in Germany Netflix:

  1. Calls on the Tools settings
  2. Select the Advanced tab and click network
  3. until you get further through connections in the settings
  4. Opens in the connection settings, the "Manual proxy configuration"
  5. Carry this proxy data from the USA (For a list, visit HideMyAss!)

Netflix reached in Germany Add-Ons

It is also possible to bypass the lock from Netflix for Germany on add-ons. Simply Invite you for one of the two applications downloaded:

FoxyProxy: Give American proxy data and deactivates / activates a button again

  • FoxyProxy for Firefoxfoxyproxy logo: Winking fox
  • FoxyProxy for Chrome

stealthy: Enter country code and you can you services like Grooveshark and Netflix use without country Lock

  • Stealthy for Firefox
  • Stealthy for Chrome


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