iPhone X and iPhone 8: size of the new Apple flagships

On 12.09.2017 the new flagships were presented from Apple: iPhone X, iPhone and iPhone 8 8 Plus. Including the first OLED smartphone by Californian manufacturer. How can the enclosure sizes relate to each other? Here is a size comparison for printing.

iPhone X: size of the OLED display and Dimensions

Captivating feature of the new iPhone X is its OLED display (made by Samsung). Here, the dimensions of the new Apple flagship:

  • iPhone X Display: 5.8 inches
  • Dimensions: 143.6 mm x 70.9 mm x 7.7 mm

The device offers the largest display of the new Apple models, but has rounded corners. The case size is located 8 Plus 8 between iPhone and iPhone - but is currently thickest smartphone from Apple. Visually, the display dominates the iPhone X - which is due to the frameless design with no home button.

See iPhone X at Apple

Pre-order iPhone X at your Cell

In the video you can see how the new iPhone X lies with OLED display in the hand and how narrow the frame fails:


iPhone X in the Hands-On

Dimensions and sizes of the iPhone 8 iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X

The new iPhones are as usual in an aluminum frame - but this time with glass on the front and back of the unit. How big are the displays of the new mobile phone series from Apple? We've selected the dimensions of iPhone and iPhone 8 8 Plus in relation to the iPhone X:

iPhone 8iPhone Plus 8iPhone X
display4.7 inches5.5 inches5.8 inches
Display resolution1,334 x 750 pixels (at 326 ppi)1,920 x 1,080 pixels (at 401 ppi)2436 x 1125 pixels (at 458 ppi)
Dimensions138.4 mm x 67.3 mm x 7.3 mm158.4 mm x 78.1 mm x 7.5 mm143.6 mm x 70.9 mm x 7.7 mm

Thus, the iPhone is eight plus two centimeters longer, one centimeter wide and imperceptibly thicker than the iPhone 8. At its size can get used to - a trouser pocket cell phone it is not, however, especially since it is also the current heaviest iPhone thanks to glass enclosures ,

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iPhone X: 7 surprising things that you do not yet Did

As of Friday, September 15, you can pre-order Apple iPhone 8th Those who prefer to buy the iPhone with contract, for example, find deals offered Your mobile:

iPhone 8 (Plus) at the Apple Store

iPhone 8 at your Cell

For the better live impression you watched our hands-on video of the iPhone 8 (positive):


iPhone 8 (plus) in the Hands-On

The new Apple smartphones 8-series are not only on the dimensions identical to the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, but also visually they are very similar to their predecessors.

Size comparison iPhone 8 iPhone X and iPhone 8 Plus (graphics + PDF)

So you know exactly what the extent that we have a size comparison of iPhone 8 (Plus) and iPhone X for you. Prints ye the PDF from the smartphone Dimensions are in original size before you:

iPhone Comparison - PDF in the download

iPhone X and iPhone 8: size of the new Apple flagships

This is what the three new iPhone models 8, 8 Plus and X of size comparison.


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