Blocks: Modular Smart Watch for Android and iOS can be pre-ordered

Devices that are built in modules, getting more and more attention and become increasingly popular. The Smart Watch "block" that works also after the block principle, can now be pre-ordered already. the device will be delivered in October.

Blocks: Modular Smart Watch for Android and iOS can be pre-ordered

After the modular smartphone project ara and also the LG G5 or the new Moto Z have received a lot of attention, now, finally, the Smart Watches turn. The concept has already been shown as part of the "Make it Wearable Challenge" from Intel and has been able to qualify for the top 10 there. Then there was a Kickstarter campaign in which block more than 1.6 million US dollars gained.

block pre-orders

Now that some time has passed since the financing, the project seems to be located in the final sprint. The manufacturer has in fact paved the way for consumers and is now taking the first pre-orders. Interested parties can secure your copy for $ 330 including shipping to Germany (15 US dollars). However, the modular smart watch will be delivered in October.

For the price you get the clock and four freely selectable modules. Additional modules cost $ 35.

Unique concept with potential

The peculiarity of the block is without question the modular design. Thus, the additional functions of the smart watch can be adapted to your own needs by. In principle, the SmartWatch has a 1.39-inch AMOLED display with a resolution of 400 x 400 pixels, a Snapdragon 2100 Wear, 512 MB RAM and a 300 mAh big battery. Plus joins a 4 GB of internal memory, a WLAN and a Bluetooth module and a microphone.

When extensions are an additional battery, a heart rate monitor, a GPS module, an LED lamp, a programmable button and an adventure module with temperature, humidity and pressure sensor. but It should not be, because the platform is completely open and is available to any developer. In future, there will still be, for example, a module with fingerprint scanners and cellular modem, which the SmartWatch can also be used independently from the connected smartphone.

To be really attractive for the developers too, but enough block-Smart Watches must be brought to the man or the woman. If this succeeds, the makers will put behind the modular SmartWatch certainly still more models on the market.

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Blocks: The Modular Smart Watch

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