Far Cry Primal: There is no Season Pass

Far Cry Primal differs not only by the unused setting and specially invented language from other Ubisoft titles. For there are, compared to many other games that appear nowadays, no Season Pass. Did someone asleep or is this calculus?


Far Cry Primal legend of mammoths

These are the official system requirements

For years it's walk and add that publishers offer a Season Pass before release, so that players have the game's release also have access to all extensions directly once they are on the market. That this is not necessarily always meet expectations, comes from time to time before and the DLC policy generally annoyed numerous players &# 8211; but they accept enough gamers, so that the publisher will probably not change in the near future in it.

But Ubisoft is apparently off another. Who was attentive, will have noticed that Far Cry Primal has no Season Pass. While there are pre-order bonuses, but a classic Season Pass, which costs, for example as in The Division around 40 euros, does not exist. It is unclear why Ubisoft has decided to &# 8211; or whether this is simply a mistake and it is submitted later.

Far Cry Primal appears today on February 23, 2016. If you want to advance rather know how the game is beating so, you read here a first impression:

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Video image: Far Cry Primal - Takkars equipment in the trailer (10)

All editions of the Stone Age Game at a glance

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