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With the FixWin for Windows 10 download you get a freeware that allows you to fix problems in Windows 10 easily.

It is the FixWin for Windows 10 Download divided into six areas, which are accessible through tabs:


FixWin for Windows 10 Download: The different areas

  • File Explorer: Here you can find fixes related to the File Explorer.
  • Internet & Connectivity: You can fix their internet problems that can occur 10 after upgrading to Windows.
  • Windows 10: There are FixWin for older versions of Windows (infra), this section has been added in the latest version:
  • Settings not start or end with an error message.
  • The Start menu does not work.
  • The Wi-Fi does not work after upgrading to Windows 10th
  • Windows updates do not work after upgrading to Windows 10th
  • Windows Store apps do not open.
  • Office documents are not open after upgrading to Windows 10th
  • Application error of wermgr.exe or Werfault.exe.
  • System Tools: Repair Integrated tools that do not work properly. The tab "Advanced System Information" some advanced information about your system, such as the number of threads, logical processors, the maximum resolution of the display, the maximum frame rate etc.
  • Troubleshooters: In this section you will find links to the release of Microsoft Windows troubleshooter for 10th
  • Additional Fixes: Here you will find several other fixes for Windows 10th

The FixWin for Windows 10 download is portable, that is, the program can also be used from a USB stick at any computer without installation.

Note: FixWin is available in earlier versions for Windows 8.1 and for Windows 7 and Vista:

FixWin for Windows 8.1

FixWin for Windows 7 and Vista

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Gallery FixWin for Windows 10

  • (Figure 9.1):

  • (Figure 2.9):

  • (Figure 9.3):

  • (Figure 4.9):

  • (Figure 5.9):

  • (Figure 6.9):

  • (Figure 7.9):

  • (Figure 8.9):

  • (Figure 9.9):

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