Dropbox: Change Password – Here’s how

Kürzlichwurde known that after a hack nearly 70 million login information for Dropbox were asked online. Among the records include passwords and usernames. To ensure that your data in the online storage is safe, you should change your password the Dropbox.

Dropbox: Change Password - Here's how

The passwords were circulating for some time in the darknet, now the security researcher Thomas White has published the passwords on his website. The password should be changed not only for hacker attacks. In order to keep its data continuously safe, you should regularly set a new password for Dropbox, but also for other services.


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So you can change his password Dropbox

Do you want to change the Dropbox password is as follows:

  1. Get in touch with your login information on the Dropbox website.
  2. Click to find the top right of your name, the settings for the account.
  3. Now open the "Settings".
  4. now calls the "Security" section.
  5. Here you can now find the button "Change Password".
  6. Now give the old password and a new password and click "Change Password".
  7. Now you have a new password for the Dropbox access.


Hacker Attak: Change Dropbox Password

As with all passwords, you should also Dropbox credentials creative and secure with an ingenious possible password to protect you from hackers. An uppercase letter, one number and one special character should occur in a safe password. With us you will find tips and memory aids for a secure password. We also show you how best you can create secure passwords.


We show you also what you can do, if Dropbox is full. Who has no desire to Dropbox due to the recent hacker attack, found the ten best Dropbox alternatives reviewed in us. In early September, the leaders of the cloud service called user on to change their password Dropbox for safety reasons. This mainly affects passwords that have not been changed since 2012 found. The Dropbox Hack has already been performed 2012th Even then, it was confirmed at Dropbox the attack on the user data, the extent of 68 million gestohlenenen data has not yet been published at this time.

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