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The Facebook app for iPhone and iPad will receive the update to version 5.1, among others, quick access to chat as we know it from the Messenger app. In addition, can now be quickly share multiple images and make friends in the chat to your favorites.

Facebook in version 5.1: From friends to Favorites

you can sweep in the app to the left, appears on the right edge of the Facebook chat. There can also see who is currently active. Friends with whom there is a lively exchange, you can make to your favorites. These will be displayed permanently at the top of the list, are visible at a glance.

Quick, users can now also share mehere Images. You can select intermittently now provided and share as a result of effects. The selection of effects is likely to be familiar to particular Instagram users. Facebook Technology makes use of the following locations daughter Instagram. so that Facebook's default app not only integrates the in-house messenger app *Facebook for iPhone and iPad: Info & Free Download - GIGA, but now also controls the functions of the app Facebook Camera *Facebook for iPhone and iPad: Info & Free Download - GIGA. Users can do without additional applications in the future also.

Facebook for iPhone and iPad: Info & Free Download - GIGA

Facebook for iPhone and iPad

Facebook for iPhone and iPad: Info & Free Download - GIGAThe Facebook app *Facebook for iPhone and iPad: Info & Free Download - GIGA for iOS basically provides the functions to which the user can also access the Facebook website on his computer. It can be Status updates, photos and whereabouts Post, comment on posts and a &# 8220;I like it&# 8221; provided. it wipes right, left open the menu bar. It provides, among other things access to the Chat, the news, Events and the friends list. It also is home pages and groups, and used applications. Account settings can also adjust how the privacy settings.

To the Chat to open, the user wipes to the left. Friends can be so the move can get a picture or tell the current location.

The app, which now impresses in terms of speed, runs on  iPad (Including iPad mini) and iPhone (Supports the display of the iPhone 5) natively. Profile pages and entries, but especially images can be viewed comfortably on Apple's iPad.

The Facebook app is free on the App Store *Facebook for iPhone and iPad: Info & Free Download - GIGA available.

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