Accessing the Otto customer service

Is it not so? Things always go wrong or break if you can reach anyone. As the customer service of Otto fortunately presented quite differently.

I have previously always wondered if any thinks at all major online stores. When most sit in front of the computer and buy a like savages? In the evening, after work and dinner. Before the main feature ... and who makes at this time support? None! All have to be. The boss has gone home and his entire staff with him. Since the sender Otto has the matter thoughtfully obviously right times. Rarely it is so easy and versatile to reach the customer service of a shop.

No time? The Otto customer service immediately reach!

The best right at the beginning: the Service by Otto can be reached around the clock. 365 days a year &# 8211; Holidays included. If I want to know at 4am if maybe I can also order a size 52 pair of shoes, then sits somewhere a friendly staff and tell me if I'm lucky.

The simplest and quickest you reach the Otto customer service under the collective number 01806 &# 8211; 30 30 30. Since each call costs only 20 cents or 60 cents, if you call with the phone. In general, the staff know the answer to your question, but if not, that's not a problem. Because then they ask internally by and gladly call you back for free. So you can start a recall on the website by the way, if you have no desire to spend the 20 cents. Then there is his phone number and within 5 minutes you get a call from customer service.

otto contact chat

In the live chat of the Otto customer service will help us 24 hours a day!

But if you just have no desire or ability to call the Otto customer service, then you can also chat with the nice staff. Also, a link to a live support can be found on the Otto customer service page. Problems with the order? You want to return something? Or enter a gasoline voucher does not work? As a rule, women and men can help on the other side of the wire quickly and competently.

So you reach the Otto customer service on the Internet

Apart from the chat, the Otto-sales service offers other ways to contact the Internet. So Otto, for example, in the social media channels Twitter and Facebook well represented (addresses below). There, too, one must ask specific questions and receive quick response. In both cases you should here but choose the personal message and post any customer or order information to the public. In general you should make when contacting that it provides all the information. Name and customer number are definitely helpful. In order for the customer service staff by Otto can look into your account. When it comes to specific products, you should pick out their names.

otto contact facebook

The Otto customer service can also be reached on Facebook and Twitter

Under the e-mail address [email protected] can describe his concerns and additionally also send attachments. This is certainly recommended when it comes to, for example, photographic evidence for complaints. In the next paragraph I again listed all the contact options from which you quickly reach the Otto customer service.

These options do not apply the way for Otto Office. Here is responsible to another department to him by phone at 040 - 360 reached 33,444. The e-mail address is [email protected] here. And the support busy tone only from Monday to Saturday.

The various contact options for Otto Customer Service

All contact opportunities and chats can be found at Accessible customer service is every day, around the clock.

  • Phone calls: 01806 &# 8211; 30 30 30 (. Landline 20 cents / call, mobile max 60 cents / call)
  • E-mail address: [email protected]
  • Facebook:
  • Twitter:
  • Postal address: Otto customer service, 20088 Hamburg
  • SMS: 6886 / Keyword &# 8220; SERVICE&# 8221;
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