Mortal Kombat X outfits: localities of alternative costumes in the overview

Alternate costumes have always been a must in every beat&# 8217; em Up. Since the ultra-brutal Mortal Kombat X is no exception. As a source of new costumes it is worth the crypt to scour the game. We guide you through the maze of vaulted and show you all localities for the dashing fighter outfits.

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Mortal Kombat X: Roster and characters at a glance - Jason Vorhees, Predator, Liu Kang, Sub-Zero and more

Mortal Kombat X outfits: localities for alternate costumes

To get to Mortal Kombat X on chic outfits for the combatants, there are two options:

  • Completing the challenges in the classic tower mode
  • Hidden costumes in the crypt

Most outfits can get her in the tower mode, for others you have to turn to go into the crypt, a maze of tombs, catacombs and caves. And the search is not designed as too difficult for you, we identified all the costumes for you and tell you coordinate as well as prices of clothes.


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Mortal Kombat X outfits: Locations in the overview

charactercostumelocalitycoordinatesPrice (Koins)
D&Vorah 8217 Kytinn Queen Skull Rock -7/12 1240
Erron Black outcast icy graves -2.9 1220
Ferra / Torr Master and Servant Shadow Spider Cave 6.8 1320
Jacqui Briggs endurance Garden of the despair -8.8 1900
Johnny Cage competition Shao Kahn&# 8217; s tomb 1.6 1470
Kano competition soul Gang -15/19 2300
Kenshi competition dark pass 6.17 1670
Kitana competition icy graves 1.6 980
Kotal Kahn Osh Tekk warrior Grotto of bloodthirstiness -8.8 2100
Liu Kang competition dark pass 1/11 940
Mileena competition cemetery grounds -23/10 540
Scorpion competition Spider Stone Solid 28.5 210
Raiden competition soul Gang -1/14 2350
Raiden Sinister Raiden dark pass -17/19 10
Reptile competition Cave of Doom 15/16 470

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