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While Nintendo's chubby iconic plumber drives since December 15 havoc on iOS, to Android users previously had to wait. The end of the long wait has come and Nintendo has finally uttered. In March Super Mario Run arrives on Android and users can download it from the Play Store. 


Super Mario Run preview

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Update of 20 March 2017:

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Super Mario Run: Android release in March 2017

Nintendo now has the official release date of Super Mario Run for Android announced. Accordingly, it is intended in March 23, 2017 be ready and there is even an update on top! This is the official announcement:

Super Mario Run Android Realeas

Super Mario Run pops up on March 23, Google Play!

You can continue to you the way the Google Play store register for Super Mario Run advance. So you will then be informed directly as soon as Super Mario Run is also available in Germany. For Apple users, there is the update also good news, because a few of the problems to be processed.

Original article from January 2, 2017

Super Mario Run was published on 15 December 2016 and it raises the question of whether the Jump &# 8216; n&8217; Run will have a similar success like Pokemon Go. The reason for this lies partly in the intergenerational enthusiasm that has brought in players the likeable plumber. How much success will look like in the end remains to be seen until the Android version has been released. So far, can only users of iOS system play through the Nintendo world. However, players in the Google Play store can be informed so that they know exactly what time the game will appear.

Super Mario Run Android

Super Mario Run: confirmed iOS Release &# 8211; when for Android

Of the Android release is on March 23 2017 be. More has not yet been confirmed by Nintendo, but the game is available in Google Play Store be and the same with the update 2.0.0. Anyone who has an iPhone or iPad can look forward to the imminent release also. There remain questions about the right iOS version and the price Super Mario Run.

Super Mario Run

QR code

Super Mario Run
Developer: Nintendo Co., Ltd.
Price: Free

Super Mario Run Android Product Image

Owner of an Android smartphone will have to wait until next year to play Super Mario Run.

Did you in the Play Store preregistered, get her a notification when you can log you into the game. Of the Release of Super Mario Run for Android happens now surprisingly much earlier in the 2017th

Super Mario Run iOS Download and price

A very good news ahead: The demo of Super Mario Run is free! So you can you get a first impression of the app before her Full version for 9.99 euros purchases from the Apple Store. The appropriate link for the demo and the full version can be found here:

Super Mario Run

QR code

Super Mario Run
Developer: Nintendo Co., Ltd. *
Price: Free

The corresponding compatibility for the app is at least iOS 8.0. Should you have a newer version or you can check out the 205 MB download large applications.

Game content and offline options

Super Mario Run is not available only playable online. The game requires an active Internet connection. The reason for this is, according to the developer Shigeru Miyamoto is that the different three game modes are interconnected. These support a multiplayer mode and therefore need an Internet connection so that the levels can be played with other players.

Super Mario Run Banner

Another reason is the safety, since there is a fear that the Software protection passes into the background. Miyamoto says this: &# 8220; Users should be able to play the game in a safe environment&# 8221 ;.

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The game modes offer an automatically galloping Mario, which you can move by tapping on the screen too small or large jumps. The matching mode for this is worlds. Another possibility Toad rally, can compete in their corresponding matched another player. Players challenge each other out and see each other not directly involved, but as a kind of spirit that runs through the level next to you. In the third mode kingdom can build their own kingdom Mario and place buildings and decorations.

Protect you from Super Mario Run APK downloads

Because it no Android version are of Super Mario Run, you should definitely activate which sell you the game as APK any links. Here, you walk only danger you download viruses or to give strangers access to your data. Considering that the game is not even appeared yet already claiming different sources, they offer a crack for the APK. Stay away from these providers, as they with you Malware or Trojans supply. So much for the concerns of Shigeru Miyamoto, who has already criticized the software protection. The criminal trials prove him right.

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