Destiny 2: farms engrams – the best methods for exotic and legendary loot

Exotic engrams are pretty much the most valuable booty in Destiny 2 and guarantee you exotic weapons and armor with which your characters greatly improved. But legendary engrams are not to be despised. Are you already in the endgame, you are likely to farm in search of good methods engrams. Here we collect for you, the best methods for looting.

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As in Destiny exotic engrams are extremely rare. Theoretically, you have the chance that they will drop even during the story campaign, or at public events. but you have bad luck, you'll get not a single exotic engram to face even after dozens of hours of play. To prevent this from happening, we present below the best farm practices for legendary and exotic engrams.

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Updated on September 14, 2017

get twice the loot at public events

With a little trick you can tap equal to twice the loot and then get another chance to exotic engrams at public events. To do this you proceed as follows:

  1. Plays a public event with a fast travel point close. The event at Artefaktsaum on Nessus makes here, for example, good.
  2. Tried as quickly as possible to complete and then directly open the loot crate.
  3. then directly open your navigator and travels to fast travel point near the event.
  4. With any luck, you come then to another server where the event is about to end and can do it all over again end up with and get more loot.

Why does this trick? Since all events always take place in Destiny 2 on all servers at the same time, you can participate twice in the same event through this fast travel trick because you will re-instantiated. Provided always that event on the first server was completed more quickly than on the second. Three times this trick is, however, probably will not work. Seek out better then a new event.

Note! This method works best when you play alone. In an insert troop namely it can come to a timing issue when traveling fast.

The following video of the YouTube channel xHOUNDISHx shows you the way once again in detail.

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farms legendary and exotic engrams

Right now you have the best chances of rare engrams when you complete the public events in Destiny second This recognizes her on the corresponding icon with countdown on the cards of the four major zones ETC (European death zone), titanium, Nessus and Ion.

However, you must allow the completion of the normal public events only a small chance of engrams. Instead, should start their heroic events that can be triggered within the normal events on certain conditions. Everything else you read this in the linked guide.

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Public events start again near you and announce themselves by a discoloration of the screen.

All farm methods at a glance

The random factor plays the farms of engrams of course a big role, and generally you have in all activities a minimal chance of legendary and exotic engrams. Nevertheless, there are currently the following activities, where opportunities are greatest:

  • Attended public events, of which there are eight different versions in the zones of Destiny second
  • Kill as many bosses with yellow health bars above their heads. These have the highest drop chances of exotic engrams.
  • A guaranteed exotic Engram gets her Tyra Karn after completing the story campaign &# 8220; The Red Battle&# 8221 ;. There you have three character slots, you can ensure you three exotic engrams with her when you finish with each character the story.

Exotic engrams can you can also decode directly from Tyra Karn. Here, you get guaranteed either an exotic weapon or armor. If it happens to you that you get an exotic piece of equipment that you already own, you can dismantle this and gets ten Legendary fragments. This currency can use their to buy exotic equipment for dealers Xur who returns to the game from 15 September.

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Currently there are no other methods to farm legendary and exotic engrams. As new methods are known, but we shall complement at this point.

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