Word: Create List of Figures – How it works!

If you write a scientific paper or in the many figures, tables or formulas are used a different text, it may make sense to provide the document with a table of figures. In our guide, we show you how you done that quickly and easily in Word.

Word: Create List of Figures - How it works!

describe graphics

Before you can be created automatically the actual table of figures, we first need to label the images and graphics used in a document.

  • For this you click a graphic to the right and then select Paste labeling.

We've added a screenshot in our document and now give it a label.

We've added a screenshot in our document and now give it a label.

  • Now we can set our graphics not only with a label as provided for example Figure 1, but also the style of artwork. word-graphics-lettering
  • Select can you this figure, formula or table.
  • Also, you can not change where the label to appear.
  • You can also define own names and adjust the numbering.
  • When you're done, you click OK. Now is the respective name below or above the graphic.
  • The designation can edit it to your heart's content.

Most sense it is certainly to label the graphics directly after pasting in Word in this way. This saves at the end of a longer text with numerous pictures the tedious work to edit each image individually.

Are you finished with the caption, you can now finally the table of figures Insert:

Create List of Figures: Word

  1. Click the document to the point where you want to create the table of figures.
  2. Now click on the top menu strip, click References. word-illustration directory-Paste
  3. Here you will find the button Insert Table of Figures. Click on it.
  4. Now you see a preview of the image directory. Here you can customize the look and example, to change padding or modify the position of the page numbers.
  5. Under caption label you can specify that only a specific category to be displayed in the directory, so only pictures, only formulas or tables only.
  6. In addition, you can here select a style by clicking on options.
  7. Confirm the dialog with OK.

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