Welcome to your tape: meaning and origin of Memes

The "Welcome to your tape" set currently provides social media stir &# 8211; especially on Twitter, numerous contributions that take up the memes and redistribute find. We explain what is now actually meant and where the phrase Welcome to your tape originally.


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In the new social media trends and hypes periodically appear which are sometimes shared millions of times in a short time and go through the whole network. It sometimes is trends that call to join in, such as the Bottle Flip Challenge, but sometimes simply jokes or sayings that go down well. That's what it is also in the set Welcome to your tape.

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Welcome to Your Tape: New Meme from Netflix series

Welcome to your tape actually comes from the television series 13 Reasons Why that with us under the name of the dead girls do not lie since late March running at the streaming provider Netflix. The series deals with a serious subject, namely suicide among teenagers. In the same name on the bestseller *Welcome to your tape: meaning and origin of Memes based series is about the schoolgirl Hannah commits suicide because she always bullied at her school again and became the victim of bullying.

  • Hannah has prepared a cassette (tape) for all classmates to whom they are to blame for her suicide.
  • Then it says: "If you&. # 8217; re listening to this tape, you were one of the reasons why "(In German:" When you hear this cassette &# 8211; you are one of the reasons ").
  • ( "Welcome to your cassette" German) and then the name of the appropriate person after that will follow on each cassette of the set of "Welcome to your tape".

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Meaning of Welcome to Your Tape in social media

In Internet Meme will of course not be used for when you want to send someone a message via suicide. As so often in the network, the original sentence is right, spun off quickly from its original context and is now Used ironically it if you want to embarrass someone or making fun of someone.

Of course, there are now also people who do not find so funny memes. Here is criticized especially that one thus makes fun of a really serious matter and degraded the topic Suicide Internet joke.

Have already seen on Facebook, Twitter and her memes and what do you think? Inform it of the criticism that one can not make jokes about some things or the net anyway everything is permitted? Leave us your thoughts in the comments!

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