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Actually, you should indeed stop when it is most beautiful. Top Spin 3 was without question the best ever next-gen tennis simulation. What is yet to come? This serious question also 2K Czech had to face when they with the development of Top Spin 4 started for the Xbox 360 and the Playstation third The team has still found some answers.

The first main difference with Top Spin 3 is found in the licenses. Here Publisher 2K has reengineer over again strong, and can also like to be quoted in terms of the represented in the game tennis stars with the "most extensive line-up of all time". Under the line-up of tennis stars are so well-known names such as Andre Agassi, Roger Federer, Pete Sampras, Andy Murray and James Blake.

What we already had in the second change. The impressive animation engine from 2K's NBA series finally comes in Top Spin 4 on the course. This not only means that the finished product will again make visually a leap forward, but also that the antretenden tennis stars all have very characteristic movements. Mr. Agassi sees his real role model therefore not only very similar - he also moves like the real Agassi.

Finally, the development team has attempted to improve the control system. The goal was to establish a higher level of realism without sacrificing accessibility. That sounds logical - but also easier said than done. Only the final version of Top Spin 4 will tell if the experiment is successful. The same applies to the many cosmetic changes to the game. For recordable presentation and response of the audience have been completely redesigned to give players even more to feel "in the middle" to be.

Top Spin 4 occurs at a very difficult legacy. 2K Czech has to succeed the balance between meaningful detail enhancement and a healthy level of innovation. To what extent this has been achieved, we learn 1 February 2011 &# 8211; appears Top Spin 4 for the Xbox 360 and Playstation third

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