Setting up Notification Center with notifications: Jodel

Yodel is now protected by the so-called Notification Center: This, you will be informed by notification when someone has replied to your yodel or there are new user reviews for yodeling, which follows her. We show you how it works and how you reach the Notification Center in yodelling.


Jodel - This can the app

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Jodel remains one of the most popular apps among German Studis &# 8211; with the anonymous chat gets her funny stories, news from your hometown and funny yodel spells with which even the most boring lecture is bearable.

Thus Jodel remains interesting, the developers of the app constantly bring new features and functions to make operation easier. As the latest addition Notification Center has been introduced recently, you see with the at a glance if something interesting happens.


QR code

Developer: The Jodel Venture GmbH
Price: Free


QR code

Developer: The Jodel Venture GmbH *
Price: Free

Setting up Notification Center with notification: Jodel &# 8211; so is&# 8217; s

The Notification Center is now available in Jodel available, offering you the chance to see all calls and chats in which you are active on Jodel at a glance. This is especially for those &Yodeller; # 8220&# 8221; interesting that comment a lot and even create Jodels. Until now, you had to still StickWindow individual Jodels or waiting for a notification &# 8211; with Notification Center you get all the important information at a glance.

So you reach the Notifications:

Jodel Notifications

Typing on it here to go to the Notifications.

  1. First opens the yodel app for Android or iOS.
  2. Typing on the home screen of the app on the bell symbol in the menu bar.
  3. Now you come to the screen where you can see all your active yodel.

Jodel Notification Center iOS Android

In Notification Center allle active Jodels display.

Jodel where you participate, and answers to your Jodel are automatically added to the Notifications &# 8211; So you've got to worry about anything, but simply can further yodel as before. Of course you can also as before, let you display notifications. How to do this, we show in the next paragraph.

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Set Jodel notifications

Whether you want to use the Notification Center, you can let you also send regular notifications. When you first install Jodel you are asked whether you may send Jodel notifications. The whole thing looks like this.

Jodel Benachrichtigunen

Jodel asks you during installation if you want to get notifications.

You can notifications of course later adjust (or turn off, if you do not want). For this you have to adjust the settings of your smartphone and the appropriate access rights for Jodel app. We explain the process for the iPhone, on Andoid it works in principle identical.

  1. Open the Settings app on the iPhone.
  2. Scroll until you get to yodel app down and typed it.
  3. then selects the menu item messages.
  4. Does this ensure that the communications options allow is active (green) when want to get their notifications.
  5. To turn off their sets the switch to simple.

Set Jodel notifications

In the settings of your smartphone you can set the access permissions for yodeling.

Another tip in conclusion: If you do not want that notifications appear in Notification Center, you can also turn off the on this menu. simply disabled this switch with the option Show in Notification Center. However, the concerns then all messages and messages and not just individual Jodels.

Image Sources: screenshots, yodel Blog

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