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The mobile phone can be lost quickly once: Whether its your smartphone simply can not find in your home, you probably have it on work leave or was perhaps even stolen you. With Google you can easily make and even leave it ringing the whereabouts of your smartphone. In this guide we show you how you can search your cell phone easily with Google.

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locate Smartphone

If you have lost your mobile phone, it used to be necessary to have previously installed certain apps so that you could view the location of your smartphone from a computer. Google, however, has properly retrofitted here, so it is no longer necessary to install special software. As long as your phone is connected to a Google account and you did not manually disabled the Android Device Manager, you can easily find on the Google search the smartphone.

New phone necessary?

phone lost &# 8211; For the smartphone with Google

to find Google your smartphone is really simple. If you have lost your mobile phone, you have to simply do the following:

  1. Make your way to a computer, laptop, tablet or other device with Internet access.
  2. Start your browser and place yourselves to Google.
  3. Login you with the same Google account with Google, and so combines whom also lost on the smartphone.
  4. If you are logged in, you have just &Find Cell Phone; # 8220&# 8221; Enter into the Google search.
    Cell lost smartphone Google find ring
  5. Google will show you a card on which &# 8220; The location of your smartphones is determined&# 8230;&# 8221; stands.
  6. (Optional) If you have multiple smartphones or tablets, you have the drop-down menu (below the map) the correct device.
  7. After a short calculation, Google should now display the last known location of your phone on a map you.

Now you know even know where your phone is located. If you have moved it only in the apartment, you can now there by clicking on the button &# 8220; ring&# 8221; let it ring. but if it is at a place that you do not know, because it was probably stolen, you can also use other functions, as we explain in the next section.

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cell phone stolen &# 8211; lock the phone with Google and delete data

If your Android phone is stolen, you can leave it on the Google search also lock and reset. Just goes as follows:

  1. If you were able to determine the location of your smartphone as described above, click once on the card.
  2. Now you should you be in the Google Maps index.
  3. In addition to the &# 8220; Ding leave&# 8221; option, you should now also the options &# 8220; Block&# 8221; and &Delete; # 8220&# 8221; see.
    Cell Block lost Delete Google
    1. By clicking on &# 8220; Block&# 8221; you can lock your your mobile phone and create a new password for the lock screen.
    2. By clicking on &Delete; # 8220&# 8221; can let you erase all data (internal memory) and let your phone to its factory settings.
  4. So you can at least make sure that the thief does not come to your data easily.

In case of theft, however, is yet to note that the SD card is often not deleted when you your phone will automatically be reset to factory settings let. So if you have stored on the SD card sensitive data or passwords, you should take the appropriate action here.

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