Firefox cookies delete, view, and manage: The browser memory

Firefox Cookies are not cookie-creation of browser developers, but are used by websites to get information about user and his user behavior. Although cookies partially have a reputation for causing harmful behavior, simplify Web browsing enormous. Find out here how you can delete cookies in Firefox and manage.

Firefox cookies delete, view, and manage: The browser memory

After downloading Mozilla Firefox browser cookies saves automatically while browsing. Cookies sharing websites user information with and keep them available across multiple sessions. Firefox cookies for instance, ensure that products remain in a shopping cart while you are browsing through the pages of an online store. Also, cookies remember if you've decided you on a Web page that is available in several languages ​​for. The next time you open the page, the desired language is not queried again, but opened with the made earlier setting. Even advertisers are using Firefox cookies to monitor the surfing habits of users.


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Show Firefox cookies

The last point could give rise to let the Firefox Show cookies to find out which pages you have already left your crumbs. Calls for the Firefox settings and open the "Tools". There you select the menu item "Privacy." The individual cookies are displayed by websites.

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Delete Firefox cookies

Here you can also delete the Firefox cookies. To remove individual cookies in Firefox, open the folder of the corresponding web offer. In the list that appears, you can "Remove Cookie" by clicking delete the selected cookie. Of course you can complete the cookie collection at once from disk toss .. To do this simply on klicket "Remove All Cookies".

On the privacy settings you set your browser so as to automatically delete all cookies after completing Firefox. Let Firefox first chronicle "Use custom settings" (1). With the newly released options can prevent Firefox accepts cookies (2) and specify whether you want Firefox to keep the cookies permanently or to delete them after you close your browser (3).

Note that some pages may not display properly without cookies or important functions are disabled. If you accept cookies, individual pages can be added as exceptions (4). Here, you can control whether or not are generally blocked for all sites with defined exceptions of you in Firefox cookies or if cookies are inactive for some websites while they are allowed in all other pages.

Delete Firefox cookies

Firefox cookies in private mode  &# 8211; Keksfreie zone for Data Protection

If you surf the private mode, no data about your surfing habits are stored. Thus, it prevents Cookies enabled in Firefox are without having to make further adjustments. You start Firefox in private mode via the "Tools" menu.

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