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In the click management game Ritter Arthur you build the country again and turnest to strategic finesse.

?? König Sigmund loved to eat ?? the click management game begins Ritter Arthur. No ordinary introduction for a game, but Ritter Arthur is also rather than just ordinary.

On the nice dinner with his niece Helen namely followed a century tornado that destroyed the kingdom and then also aroused the red dragon Feuerspei. If that is not the culmination of all evil, Princess Helen found out that her father was struck by lightning.

As the princess brave Ritter Arthur accompany you on your journey home: This is exactly where you come in. Here you need to not only free clear the way and bring back the kingdom to its former glory, but take you into eight even before the nocturnal predators Feuerspei.

So Ritter Arthur plays

On the way to Helen's Kingdom you have to not only remove fallen trees, repairing road sections and bridges put back into state. Main tool of your commands are workers to whom you assign a task with a click.

Of course, need workers something to eat, so they chop wood, which is in turn an important raw material for repairing. As one thing leads to another: Built a logical infrastructure that your workers are well catered for and cope with the work before nightfall.

Can you manage to finish the task you asked in a level before night, the coach of Princess Helen can continue to surprise to the next level and your lock is extended. Can you manage not Feuerspei attack and you have the level of start over.

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