FYI: Meaning of the abbreviation – what does that mean?

Who moves on the Internet, will not come in numerous abbreviations. Especially in mail traffic, but also in private messages is often reads the abbreviation "FYI". But what does this mean?

You see the importance of FYI and the most popular other chat abbreviations in the video


The most widely used chat abbreviations and their meanings

Especially in the net seem writer not to have a lot of time and try therefore to establish recurring expressions by defined abbreviation. Including FYI is one of the shortcuts that are not an integral part of today's online world.

FIY means literally "for your information" or "for your interest".

FYI: What's that?

No matter which of the two versions you choose, the intention of the abbreviation for sure. Are you getting a message that is initiated by "fyi" is the corresponding message your information. The abbreviation may occur, for example, mail that is forwarded from a colleague to you, recorded with the intention that ye accepting or content accurately listed there tasks or done.


The sender of the "fyi" message will show the accompanying facts quickly without even having to take action on a larger scale regarding the content. In addition to the mention in emails, the abbreviation "fyi" with the same meaning is often found in forums.

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FYI: Meaning of the abbreviation abbreviation

Thus gets her a message that is initiated with "FYI" and is provided, the content is determined for your information. What do you make of it, is up to you, or is derived from the message itself.


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