Far Cry Primal: game world partially recycled from Far Cry 4

Ubisoft has chosen a clever shortcut for creating the game world in Far Cry Primal. As now came out, based some areas of the recently published Stone Age-action game on the map of the predecessor Far Cry fourth

Far Cry Primal: Become the King of the Stone Age


Far Cry Primal King of the Stone Age

Far Cry Primal is effectively a spin-off of the main sequence and therefore it is not surprising that the title uses the material of his predecessors. As discovered by Gamepressure.com, some areas of the prehistoric adventure based on the map of Far Cry. 4

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Furthermore, Kotaku cites a familiar with Ubisoft source that confirmed the suspicions. Accordingly, the developer took parts of the Far-Cry-4-relief map as the basis for the Stone Age offshoot.

These pictures show you the similarities between the two cards:

Far Cry Primal

The map of Far Cry and Primal &# 8230;

Map Far Cry 4

&# 8230; its counterpart from Part fourth

Unprecedented this card recycling is not, because the game world of Far Cry Blood Dragon, a standalone executable add-on to Far Cry 3, already based in part on the Map of the main game.

Where it appears to us the question: Is the reason for the re-use of the maps simply "laziness" from the developers at Ubisoft or a conscious elected stylistic devices to create a recognition among fans of the series? Since the maps of games can be generated procedurally by relatively simple means today, we tap on the latter.

Source: Gamepressure.com, via Kotaku

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