“And what happened then …” … Facebook will filter out

Sites like Heftig.co could face tough times. Because Facebook wants to advance these portals that rely so much on viral spread a tie: headings, which are on click-catcher out stronger filtered out.

"And what happened then ..." ... Facebook will filter out

As the social network announced the news feed to be improved so that spam and little relevant content no longer be displayed. This relates primarily to portals that focus on so-called clickbait. This means that they attract with lurid headlines a la " and what happened next was incredible. " Behind this but usually meaningless content.

Facebook announced this two methods to distinguish the relevant from the irrelevant content. On the one hand, the residence time is measured that spends a user searches for the click of Facebook on the new page called. he returns to the page view quickly back to Facebook back, which is an indication that the content is void and not what the user imagined.

The second method is based on the relationship between clicks and interactions. Has an article on Facebook quite a lot of hits, but no comments or geliked, then also for Facebook is an indication that the content did not have particularly great value.

For portals like heftig.co that rely on such a presentation, it may be a heavy blow. These consist primarily of viral distribution of their banal content on social networks. When the largest of these networks is now trying to filter out such content is likely that certainly noticeable.

Flavio has made it clear a few weeks ago, as we are in the editorial to these portals. Who has not read the article at the time, he was placed at this point once again to the heart.

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In addition, the Twitter accounts @Erspartdirdenklick or @savedyouaclick are recommended. This expose lurid headlines mostly by adding less words.

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