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Michael equips the legendary film producer Solomon Richards a visit, who with his new film probelem: The second leading man will not work, his agent and the director annoying and bitchy. Michael agrees to help as a big film fan.


will arrive at the destination Michael Zeuge the arrival of a helicopter, which we now have to reach in secret. We go into sneak mode, climb ahead of us over the wire fence and on the left side of the ladder. Above we sneak to the station, which is here, and turn it off (it is something between us, so there is no normal animation but a kick in the neck). We do not take the ladder outright, but on the right side.


The two persons coming out the door, do not notice us, we move unsweiter forward, climbing over the railing and the bridge and reach the other side on the left wall a ladder, we arrive at the upper end to the helicopter. Then we beat the agent (best just keep Vierck / X and then again counter with Circle / B) and get into the helicopter to fly back to the director and the actor.


The two do not work at the agreed fee, so we have to do for a few minutes as we would like Trevor - completely crazy. To intimidate the two, we have to fly daring maneuvers. We can fly near buildings, but much easier it is by flying under bridges that are located close to the river. If both cooperate, we fly them to the destination.


Solomon is very pleased and appoints Michael for co-producers. It is available as a contact now.

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