NBA 2K16: So you created your All-Star small forward

One of the most popular positions in NBA 2K16 is the small forward. These players are often characterized by a good mix of assertiveness and skill. Her wanted to take good shots from all positions plus fly as high flyer through the enemy zone? Then you build your own small forward and become the Hall of Famer in Career Mode or King of the Court in online games. We show you on this page which upgrades should expand it, which body is recommended and what Signature Skills you can become a superstar.

In our guide to NBA 2K16 small forward we want to introduce you to a comprehensive player. This is not to focus on a single discipline but be a strong player in mehrern areas located. However, we refrain from concentration on the Inside scoring. You will also make online a good figure in both the career mode than with this player. Should you also want to try other positions, we recommend you also our guides to center and point guard.


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NBA 2K16: So you created your All Star small forward

In general, you can decide yourself if your player should be focused more on the playmaker or rebounder. Offense and defense are a must in any case and the other attributes match your playing style. We recommend you to use a few more VC playmaker attributes because you still can get better as dribbling.

Build your small forward

  • Size: 2.05 &# 8211; 2.10 m is a good value because you so do not be too slow and are still dominant enough.
  • Mass: 100 &# 8211; 110 kg should be sufficient.
  • Arm length: Maximizes this value to get better rebounds to take higher throws and play better defense.
  • Body length and shoulder width: these values ​​raises something &# 8211; you do not have to go to the maximum.
  • Playing style: Outside scoring.


The attributes of your small forward

Before her euphoric anfangt any ability to improve, you should consider what you want to specialize your player. You can try in Inside scoring to gain fame, but here you can not achieve a very high totals. Therefore, we recommend you also Outside scoring specialization. This you can achieve far better stats and become a threat sizes. Inside scoring can be misleading because, for example, your Dunk capability unaffected. Through athletics her become the high flyer and you can impress your fans.

  1. Jump shooter and athlete
  2. defense
  3. playmaker
  4. rebounder
  5. Inside Scorer

The main attributes help you thereby achieve higher physical and offensive values. This you will quickly can jump higher and better throw from the medium and long distance. with better defense can block their shots, steals and achieve are not easy to shake off. As playmaker increases your Dribbling &# 8211; and pass ability. This is not necessary as a small forward, but still useful and inevitable for a comprehensive player. Rebounds are always good and Inside scoring can be removed if you have a few VC left.

king james

Signature Styles and animations

The Signature Syles you can have your small forward individualize. There are small advantages in certain styles, but in general is the best skill of that suits your style of play. We give you a few suggestions.

Free Throw:

You have a free choice between funny or cool throws. Tries Stephen Curry or Lebron James, they have secure animations.

Jump Shots: number 70

  1. M. Jordan
  2. V. Carter
  3. Stephen curry
  4. D. Nowitzki
  5. T. McGrady


  1. R. Westbrook
  2. J Crawford
  3. D. Rose
  4. K. Irving
  5. J. Harden (if you Euro-Steps want to use)


Depending on your preference. You will very much dunken &# 8211; take you time to find the coolest moves.

nba 2k

Signature dribbling

Cross Over:

  1. J. Crawford
  2. K. Durant
  3. L. James
  4. K. Bryant
  5. T. MacGrady


Inside Out:

  1. K. Irving
  2. J. Crawford
  3. A. Iverson

Size Up:

  1. A. Iverson
  2. 99
  3. 102
  4. 07


  1. K. Bryant
  2. A. Iverson
  3. D. Williams
  4. K. Irving

Source: Imgur

Source: Imgur

iso dribbling

Cross Over:

  1. 06
  2. 02
  3. 18

Behind The Back:

  1. 14
  2. 10
  3. 02

Iso Spin:

  1. 07 (very slow)
  2. 14
  3. 08
  4. 05


  1. 12
  2. 03

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