read, delete, change in Firefox saved passwords

For a long time has Firefox on a feature that can be very useful. If desired, the user name you entered passwords of any Web pages are stored in the browser. After downloading Mozilla Firefox, you can test directly. Jump a password-protected site, like something the portal Ebay or your email provider to. Already they are prompted for the access.

This is handy, because you look at the work thus saves having to constantly enter their passwords. In addition, one must then not notice for each side, which username and password you selected has that. And basically that also increases &# 8211; applied correctly &# 8211; safety during web browsing. Because if I do not have for each page Remember my user name and password you used me, then I find it rather easy to use different, complex passwords each time.

Because his heart when things caught one and someone logs in with our data somewhere, then he needs only once somewhere username (usually your email address) and password rauszukriegen hand &# 8211; then he comes into everything!

When this feature is so enabled, Firefox asks good on each new login page &# 8220; If the password for XYZ are stored on the website 8221 ;?

And then we have the freedom of choice. In the simplest case, just click on &# 8220; Save Password&# 8221 ;. But there are two other options in this menu. &# 8220; Not now&# 8221; means that Firefox does not store the password right now, but asks again next time. is consistent &# 8220; Never unlock this page Save&# 8221 ;. In this case, the current Web page is namely on an exclusion list, which is managed by Firefox separately. This list of web pages that never login information will be stored. This list is interesting later.

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secure passwords and control

Somewhere so stores Firefox passwords. So that I would have you to check again ...

True, Firefox stores the passwords in a list along with the visited website and the user name. And you can check there again and, if necessary. Delete. That is practical.

is impractical, however, that really everyone can see your data, which somehow gets to your PC. As long as one uses his computer alone, this is not a big problem. In a family household that looks quite different. And on a company PC is then permanently's critical. not only the computer quickly are there off during a burglary. With a little luck the burglar has now also have access to bank, mail providers and other sensitive online data.

Fortunately, we have built here a fairly effective barrier in Firefox. Namely, there is the possibility of all his passwords with a master password, the so-called master password to secure. This has proven to be quite safe so far and you lose it, so you can not restore its inputs.

But consider this: If the master password too simple, you can also save it to the same, and again everyone comes to the data!

How can I get my stored passwords?

All password settings are located in the Settings menu of Firefox on the Security tab. (Extras &# 8211; settings &# 8211; Safety)

firefox security settings passwords

You can view the list of saved login information and passwords from Firefox at any time

Here the user decides whether Firefox will remember passwords at all. As I said, this can be problematic in certain circumstances.

And here, too, he decides if he wants to secure at least this password list with a master password. This should be self-evident. As they say? You never know...

Do not take Allerweltspasswort it! Not your date of birth. Not the name of your child or partner. What generally applies to all passwords, of course, applies primarily a master password! If you forget the password, you no longer get to your passwords. In this case, you must delete the Firefox master password and start from zero.

Interesting in this menu is now the Button &# 8220; saved passwords&# 8221 ;. Clicking on it brings the list of our saved to light. Yet only the web addresses and user names will be displayed there. Another click on the button &# 8220; Show Passwords&# 8221; now presents us with a complete list of credentials, with all the trimmings.

firefox Show password

In this list you can remove now one or all passwords at once

Change saved passwords

Basically, Firefox is capable of learning when it comes to passwords. Once you want to log in to a website to which you have already saved access, so you can enter new data manually easy. In this case, namely the password dialog of Firefox reopens and ask to see if the changed data to be stored.

If one wants to provoke in any case, one can also use this trick: Open the password settings of Firefox, and view the list of credentials. Then simply delete the access to modify. include list and control the page again. Now enter the new data and Firefox stores obediently down, as if they were unprecedented.

Problem solving for password storage


Whatever I do, Firefox does not ask me if I want to save a password and I can not access my stored passwords.


This is normal and not a big problem. It's just consistent. If one has held that Firefox is permitted to make absolutely no record of websites visited and store any chronicle, then password entries are added to this figure.

firefox privacy chronicle

Saves passwords Firefox only if you are not surfing in private mode

Only if one allowed in the security settings Firefox, the future to create a chronicle, Firefox will also store passwords. one wants the other hand &# 8220; Always use the private mode&# 8221 ;, is thus also disables password storage.

So you control the menu &# 8220; Extras&# 8221; and then on the tab &Data protection; # 8220&# 8221 ;. There is the private mode is activated, select from that. With increasing security demands, you can enable that the Chronicle when you exit Firefox is deleted yes.

Now you can click on the tab &Security; # 8220&# 8221; Change and activate the password storage.



On certain pages Firefox gives me no possibility of password storage. Everywhere does that, but some pages he just wants to save anything.


This is because you have not allowed Firefox to save passwords. Not generally, but just on this side. This can happen even when you are asked for the password storage. Since the mouse clicks on premature &# 8220; never on this page&# 8221; and even the current Web page is saved as an exception. At each future visit Firefox will not even try to save access data.

However, can the easily reversible. Similar to the passwords, the exceptions in a list to be saved. And here such as the list can be changed.

firefox password exceptions

You can make exceptions to the password storage also reversed

Change to the Setup menu Tools / Options. There select the tab &Security; # 8220&# 8221 ;. there you will see the exceptions button. Clicking on it brings the list of exceptions to the fore. Pick the desired address out, highlight it by clicking on it and then remove one more click on the button. The next time you visit this site, you are asked if you want to save the entered credentials.

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