Microsoft HoloLens – holograms with Windows 10

Microsoft HoloLens - holograms with Windows 10


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Not only is Facebook with the Oculus Rift on VR and AR, and Microsoft launched before early 2015, the HoloLens, is set to revolutionize especially augmented reality in their own home.

The end of January, Microsoft has introduced the HoloLens. Along with a new version of Windows 10. So there was indeed no new information about the Windows 10 release, but but the AR glasses was much more expected as an insider. So there was speculation about a VR glasses, but Microsoft's HoloLens can also AR and comes with rich features therefore.


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Microsoft HoloLens: What can the good piece? Holograms for Windows 10

So the HoloLens can not just only produce a 3D image, but represent 3D objects as holograms in real space. The applications alone for your own four walls seem limitless: from the Chat window that floats virtually from the eyes to the presentation of entire landscapes on a desk or a room wall. Board games could be played quite differently in the near future &# 8211; In principle, any surface can become its own interface and hologram.

The HoloLens is replete with numerous processors and sensors &# 8211; Microsoft said. A PC connection is not necessary, the device is can be run standalone. Nevertheless HoloLens to 10 come to market with Windows, so it is a more or less close link between the software and hardware failure.


Microsoft HoloLens

The previous impressions that have already gained our international colleagues suggest that the device makes a very good impression and the technology world could make this year or next to the head.

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But already the presentation video of HoloLens allows to get a first impression he future possibilities. Thus, interface elements, teleporting a virtual television or Minecraft game into his own living room.

Update June 2015: New impressions of HoloLens

At E3 2015, Microsoft has again demonstrated to HoloLens: So it was possible to play Minecraft with the AR glasses. The player could control the blocks-game via hand gestures and voice control. Even with the controller you could walk through the world of Minecraft. Unfortunately Further information about the release date of HoloLens not called Microsoft.

The demonstration, however, was described by onlookers as impressive. So you can see in the video how the player can arise from a world blocks on an empty table, zooms, to look at the ground of the open-world games and manipulates the world. Of course, only using the HoloLens - in the video, however, is to see the picture of what the player would see with the glasses, while the commentator himself sees only the empty table.


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