Strip the cable: So you penetrate to the core before

Is not that enough antenna cable for TV channels to enjoy in the desired room, the antenna cable should be extended. For this, the cable stripping one of them. How to do this quickly and easily, whether you absolutely need an F plug or a wire stripper, we reveal in our guide.

Strip the cable: So you penetrate to the core before

Strip the cable - the tool

Whether you want a satellite cable Strip or have designs on your coaxial cable from the receiver: To attach it to the new connector or the connecting part, the cable must be stripped. This means that the insulating sheath, which consists mostly of plastic, must be separated.

  • wire stripper: Use a stripper can be cut precisely, without damaging the sensitive inner conductor or the shield. Skilled hands can alternatively proceed carefully with a utility knife.

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  • F-connector: The so-called F-connector is the end part of the cable. With it, the cable can be plugged into the TV socket or connected to the receiver after isolation. What is important here is that in most cases a compression clamp is needed to allow a permanently fixed connection. When the plugs you should of course pay attention to the cable diameter so that the cable fits into the connector. But not only in Punco diameter, the coaxial cables are different.

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  • Cablecon: This is a so-called self-install F connectors. He is, after the (satellite) cable is stripped, simply pulled onto the cable end. A Kompressionszange not in use.

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How to stripped cable, you can see in this video:

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Strip the antenna cable: goes like this&# 8217; s

  • The coaxial cable (aerial cable, Satkabel etc.) has a shroud which its removed with the stripper or a knife over a length 12 mm con cautiously.
  • this special Strippers have two different sizes - a larger one for the outer shell and a smaller cutting diameter for exposing the inner conductor.
  • about 8 mm should be exposed then from the inner conductor.
  • Now you can simply turn it clockwise to the cable F-connector. He should forward are about 1 mm at the plug so that it can be easily plugged into the socket.

stripped cable

Strip the cable: It looks like a stripped antenna cable.

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