surfaced New details and images of the modular Smart Watch: BLOCKS

A smart watch whose components can the user compose as necessary and exchange - with BLOCKS to go this vision come true. The US federal agency FCC has now provided in the course of their audits new images online that even show the inside of the watch.

surfaced New details and images of the modular Smart Watch: BLOCKS

A round display in combination with a GPS module and a flashlight - or rather angular, with extra battery and weather sensor? The BLOCKS SmartWatch should be individualized so that each user can find the perfect watch for by interchangeable modules. This idea we already know of a few smartphones, such as the Motorola Moto Z and its Moto Mods.


Meanwhile, almost exactly known how the BLOCKS will look in its various versions - at least from the outside. The American communication federal agency FCC (Federal Communications Commission) has now considered the standing just before the release device in the course of an approval test very closely and everything documented. So we get deep insights into the inner workings, such as the 300 mAh main battery and the smaller 95 mAh battery, which is in the laufzeitverlängernden "Battery Module". Some details also reveals the previously published manual: Therein we learn how gestures reacts SmartWatch: Tap, Long Press, swipe, drag or rotation. The BLOCKS sets in software on Samsung's Tizen OS.

Image gallery blocks: Modular watch

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The BLOCKS project was funded through Kickstarter and was able to collect more than 1.6 million dollars. Interested parties can pre-order since June BLOCKS already: it starts at 330 dollars. It should be sent according to the official store site in December 2016th Blocks wearables was founded in 2013 in London by designers and engineers at Imperial College. The team was able to clear away some prizes, including the Computex d&i Award (2016), Best Reddot Design Concept (2015) and the People's Choice Award at the Intel Make It Wearable Challenge (2014).

More information can be found in our overview to BLOCKS.

Source: Liliputing, FCC

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