Tips: 10 major iOS settings for iPhone & amp; iPad

After the setup process of iPhone and iPad a new or updated Apple device is ready for use. A few extra settings, however, are useful or even strongly recommended. Ten tips:

The settings listed below usually remain even with iOS updates are made and transmitted via backup to a new iPhone or iPad. For older iOS versions see: Important settings in iOS 8th

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10 important settings for iOS 10

1. Turn off keyboard sound in iOS 10

The clack when typing is annoying? Here you can switch the keyboard sounds in iOS 10 of:

  • settings -> sounds & feel -> keystrokes

2. Using several languages


typing iOS 10 supports spell checking for multiple languages ​​at the same time, the system also displays the word suggestions in the currently written language. However, this only works if the keyboards of the desired languages ​​are enabled:

  • settings -> General -> keyboard -> keyboards -> add keyboard

3. prevent Kostenfalle wireless support

You are in a Wi-Fi and loads the data via the mobile network - not the owner of a regular mobile phone tariff like this. This can happen because iOS takes the mobile phone network in poor wireless connections to help. Here, the feature is turned off:

  • settings -> Mobile network -> Wi-Fi support (bottom)

4. Stewardship of tariff

advice iPhone ipad-mobile-data-

Let's stay in mobile connections: The less data volume is included in the rate, the better you have to economize. Best prohibit apps in mobile data, that does not necessarily need to update the road:

  • settings -> Mobile network -> (Apps off)

Possibly dive Apps here only when they were opened after installation before.

5. Set up call response in iOS 10

Arrives a call, it can be a ready-made SMS (for example, "I'll call back Regards, Sebastian!") Refuse. The messages are individualized as ...

  • settings -> telephone -> Reply with Message
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