Twitch: The End of the Flash player is near – Conversion from today

The popular video game streaming platform Twitch has already some time ago begun to pave the way for a waiver of dismal Flash Player. Starting today, the transition to HTML5 is finally beginning.


Everything you should know about the Adobe Flash Player

There was a time in which the Flash Player Adobe belonged to the basic equipment every browser and there was hardly any websites that got along without the plugin. Especially video platforms have been dependent on this browser add-on, and hardly anyone has bothered it. In recent months there with the provided by Adobe software, however, significantly more problems than solutions. Stability intrusions, vulnerabilities, and crashing scripts are just the tip of the iceberg. YouTube has therefore already started some time ago in order to offer the videos in much more stable and secure HTML5 format. After appropriate preparations were made several months ago, today the streaming platform Twitch has finally begun to send the Flash player retire.

What is HTML5? Everything you need to know

Because the previously announced on the TwitchCon last year and then shifted HTML5 support for Twitch video player is finally here. As the company promises not only security fanatics will be happy at the twitch spectators, but all the other with the HTML5 players. Accordingly, the loading times are shortened and the images are enhanced per second. At the same time your computer less stress significantly. A hook there yet: The new feature is initially only available for Turbo users. So those who spend less than $ 9 a month to enjoy Twitch for example, without advertising. Is that the HTML5 player is currently just does not support this Advertising reason. but all other Twitch-users should be provided over the summer, while the Flash Player will completely disappear in the future of the platform.

Exactly when that will be, is currently still unclear. If you do not want to wait, but of course you will also have the option to simply complete a Turbo subscription.

Here you can be turbo-member to Twitch

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