eliminate the most common errors in WinRAR

The WinRAR Download is the first choice for many users when it comes to unzip files on the computer, and create archives of folders on your own. As so often in the field of computer programs that can not be prevented in WinRAR program error.

WinRAR appears in an error message, something went wrong in extracting process. In this case, you should stay calm and analyze where the error might come along. The appearance of WinRAR error message may have several causes.

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Causes of error messages in WinRAR

For example, the file may have occurred to their hard drive failure, for example in the transmission. This WinRAR reports a CRC error. In this case, you can try to fix the problem by repairing with WinRAR. If this is not possible, the extract using an alternative compression program can lead to success. To ensure that the error does not reoccur, one the corrupted file was to raise one more time, for. For example, by a repeated download. Especially when trying to download archives with download managers, often errors occur with RAR archives.

Example of a WinRAR error message If an error message in WinRAR, the problem is directly written

Solutions for WinRAR error messages

Another cause of WinRAR error message can be entered an incorrect password. Also in this case, a CRC error may be displayed. In addition, however, the error message also provides the information that the password for unpacking the archive was entered incorrectly. If the password of WinRAR archive does not known, the corresponding error message can also be difficult to eliminate. WinRAR archives are encrypted so well that they are to crack normally only by the brute force method. The cost for cracking such a password can not be accomplished even for high-performance computers. In such a case you should ask for the password at the source of the archive.

WinRAR error Password Even with a wrong password entered, an error message appears in WinRAR

Missing in a split archive parts such. For example, by a broken download, the decompressing is also interrupted by an error message. Files are unpacked here until missing archive. In such a case, you should consult the source of the archive again and complete the missing pieces to the proper extract using WinRAR.

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