Uncharted 5: voice of Nathan Drake would be doing

It is finished. Uncharted 4 completes the long journey from adventurer Nathan Drake. A successful end how many find. And yet the desire for more remains. Even with the involved in the game that feeling seems to be present. Perhaps one reason why some now philosophize already has a sequel.


Uncharted 4 in the test

Just over a week ago, the Uncharted 4: A Thief&# 8217; s End was published. The approximately 17 hours of playing time many are already reaching the end of the last journey of Nathan Drakes. And just because the game has not only convinced us in all respects, remains after the end of most the desire for even more hours of play and adventures that have to deny it.

Unfortunately, Naughty Dog announced a while ago that there will be no further part to the sympathetic treasure hunters. According to Creative Director Neil Druckmann means that Uncharted is 5 at least not from the digital pen by Naughty Dog. "Maybe someone making a prequel, or they make a sequel with other characters. But it is really difficult to produce a sequel with Nathan Drake. " Course is especially when you have lived through the end of Uncharted 4, I of course not up out here.

Uncharted 4 in review: A worthy departure

Nolan North, however, voice of Nathan Drake, has apparently not given up on the series. "Depending on how much money brings the game, Sony might want on a new Uncharted with another studio work," says the voice actors. He continued: "I would like to come back in any case."

And pressure man regrets the step of the series to end. Meanwhile, however, he seems to have found his peace. He compares this with a scene from Uncharted 4: "Near the end of the game speaks one of the characters with another about a certain thing. But they both have different thoughts about it and they joke in the conversation even higher. However, once their separate ways, they look for a moment over her shoulder and you can see how they have to let go. That resonates with me. "

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What do you think about the latest Uncharted part? Can you live with the end of Uncharted and look forward to future games from Naughty Dog or longs ye for another adventure? And what would be a perfect continuation of Uncharted 4 for you?

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