So you make yourself your own Pokémon bookmarks (instructions)

About what you do not stumble all so if you rumsurft on Imgur: These instructions are for your own Pokémon bookmarks (in the look of a Haunter or Relaxo) is fairly easy nachzubasteln and is perfect as a small gift for friends or just simply for the What book are you even reading grade. Check out the article on how&# 8217; s work!

So you make yourself your own Pokémon bookmarks (instructions)

These materials you need for your Pokémon Bookmarks:

  • Lilafarbene cardboard (thin)
  • depending on the subject: flesh-colored, white and red cardboard (thin)
  • Black pen or pencil
  • glue stick
  • scissors

Source of guidance: woemygawd on Imgur

Step 1: Paint squares

Male 3 squares with each 6 x 6 cm on the purple cardboard, see Fig. Two parts of the squares by a diagonal line and paint one half of the squares away.

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Pokémon: This is the definitive ranking of all starters


Step 2: cut squares

Cutting the square and the two triangles so made that they remain straight.


Step 3: folding squares

Folding the triangles along the line and carry on to the lower a little glue.


Step 4: bonding squares

Flate the upper triangle on the lower triangle and thus stick them with each other. Pressures is dried both triangles with thumb and forefinger firmly together until the adhesive sufficiently.


Step 5: be creative

Now you can be creative: paper scraps, paint your and circumcise the triangles so that they look like a Pokémon. In this case, a little tailored cardboard enough in a flesh-colored clay, a few strokes with a pen, and a truncated triangular tip to tinker Relaxo.


Step 6: Ornament

With the remaining purple cardboard you can continue to decorate, for example, with matching ears, you cut easily and with little glue can stick behind the triangle your Pokémon bookmarks.


Done! Pokémon Bookmark!

The bookmark is also perfect as a small gift for your friends who also love Pokémon!


So your bookmarks could look:

Instead of a Relaxo could you tinker a Haunter. It'll take you white cardboard and a black pen for the mouth, and a little purple cardboard for spikes. The eyes you cut from red paper and then paint the pupils on with a black pen. you can stick the white dot with white cardboard on the black pupil.


How well do you know your way with Pokémon? Proof your knowledge in the quiz:

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