Rocket Book Everlast: A high-tech notebook for the rest of your life

Even in times of modern technology, it never hurts to have on hand and pen and paper for quick notes. The same letter and the latest technology to connect the Everlast Notebook Rocket Book together: the pages are in fact made of a special material.


Everlast Rocket Book

Some things you write best on paper with a pen on: Finally writing promotes itself in many people's creativity and in any case does not have any more than a device with a stylus. There are notebooks that are equipped with special pages, making the scanning and uploading of handwritten pages in different cloud services will be a breeze for some time.

but the Everlast Notebook Rocket Book goes one step further: The developers have set themselves the goal of making the Everlast last notebook that you will you ever buy. The highlight: The pages of the notebook can be as often describe certain pins again. At first you think there certainly on a whiteboard, but according to the developers the paper is to shine neither strange nor can blur the ink.

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Describing the sides of the Everlast-notebook with the specially designed fonts, so the ink dries supposedly within 15 seconds and can no longer be initially blur. To clear the site for new sketches and notes again, you have to clean it with a damp cloth. Here are left no ink residue; in theory, the notebook can therefore use again and again. Of course, there are on each side of a specific pattern, and a QR code to make scanning with the appropriate app a breeze

rocket book pages

Thus, the notes made can be backed up easily; you can even make a cross in the corresponding icon at the bottom of the pages so that the Rocket Book app uploads the photographed site in a very specific app like Evernote or Dropbox.

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Rocket Book Everlast: No Bargain

On Kickstarter, the project is currently through the roof and has already gained more than 1 million US dollars from supporters. This is not necessarily surprising, considering that a notebook with a single pin already will cost $ 34. Theoretically pins from other manufacturers are to function, it is according to the developers more to the material of the pages. The Frixion pens that come along with the books, had been but at least been tested.

As of April 2017, the notebooks will be delivered to the supporters of the Kickstarter campaign. It would not be surprising if it creates the notebook during the year with sustained success and to external retailers such as Amazon.

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