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Review: Sony Vaio Duo 13 in Test

Sony has 11 (test) showed us already at Computex Taipei the successor to the Sony Vaio Duo, the Sony Vaio Duo is 13. Compared to the little brother, the duo 13 with some improvements and of course, a new hardware configuration to which, among other things 4 . generation Intel Core processors belongs. The first generation of Vaio Duo has already found some buyers, though there was much room for improvement there, as we have shown in our test. What has happened to the successor, we will be following you in the Sony Vaio Duo 13 show test.

Test device: Sony Vaio Duo 13 white (SVD1321M2EW) &# 8211; Price from approximately 1,459 € at Sony | Amazon *Review: Sony Vaio Duo 13 slider tablet in the test - GIGA | Cyberport | Notebook cheaper
Software: Windows 8

Sony Vaio Duo 13 test video & images

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Just like the Sony Vaio Duo 11 is the Vaio Duo 13 is a Slider Tablet / Ultrabook. However, the slide mechanism in the new Vaio Duo 13 feels more stable. Unlike the Duo 11 Duo 13 offers by the higher dimensions slightly larger work surface and place of an optical trackpoint, you have built a small multitouch trackpad.

For pushing you lift the display up slightly until it straightens almost by itself. In order to fix the display you have to lend a hand and snap it over the two metal hooks but even again. Then the display is stuck with a fixed inclination of 45 degrees and can not move. To close simply drag the display to himself, making the Ultrabook is the tablet again.

Sony Vaio Duo 13 slider

As such, the slide mechanism is a good idea, but in the use of this design is not always the most practical option. Thus, the tilt of the screen is not always optimal. Thus, it is e.g. quite impractical unless you're working on a table, but as lying on a couch.

By carbon housing, the Vaio Duo 13 is very high at first glance. However, the case creaks a bit when one picks up the Ultrabook example. In addition, the bulk of leaves by the ports, the processor and the rest are installed, bend slightly.

Sony VAIO Duo 13 tip edge

Looking at the Vaio Duo 13 for the first time it appears to be very large 13.3-inch display for its. This is due to the wide margins around the display. Otherwise one has tried so light and slim as possible to keep the Vaio Duo 13, in order to let it ergonomically also in tablet mode. So it is only up to 19.5mm thick and 1,34kg easily, which in terms of size and the fact that there is a Surf slide mechanism has is easy. In addition, there is a little flatter on the edges, so you can hold it easily in his hands. Unfortunately, the corners are very sharp, so you have to be careful how you hold the tablet in his hand.

Sony VAIO Duo 13 Ports

The most important connections are not as usual on the left or right side, but on the back. Here you will find 3.0 ports, two USB, an HDMI port (VGA adapter is included), an audio port, charging port and a card reader for SD and Sony Duo memory cards. For wireless connections to wireless a / b / g / n, GPS, NFC and Bluetooth 4.0 are available. For the most part we had no problems with the compound in the test. Noticed us is that the wifi reception was relatively weak.

Nice is also the additional function of the power supply. This has a built-in USB port, so you simultaneously charge your smartphone or the included USB Ethernet adapter can infect. Through this adapter, a network cable can be connected and a WiFi access to the network are generated afterwards.

Sony Vaio Duo 13 Design

but the slanted sides do not remain unused. So Sony has the Vaio Duo 13 is a small Stylus holder installed, which can be pulled out on the right side easily. Here, the stylus can be infected as a pen or simply into place. For transportation but we would recommend to fold the bracket so that it can not cancel. All around there is a grill for ventilation, the same as on the opposite side. Here you will find also at the same level the on / off button. This is somewhat difficult to find and it takes some getting used to until you find the button right away. can be Fortunately wake below the display, the hybrid Ultrabook on the physical Windows button, if it is in stand-by mode.

Sony Vaio Duo 13 On: Off Button

On the lower front side you find in the slope a Volume + and volume button and an Assist button. The position is also conceivable impractical, because if you want to use this, you have to pick up the device only to see where the keys are located. Alternatively, you can + F3 or F4 use the shortcut keys FN for it or adjust the volume directly on Windows.

On the bottom there is another novelty. Sony has the Vaio Duo 13 with a 8 megapixel Exmor RS camera fitted. With this but you can not just take pictures, but with the software &# 8220; CamScanner&# 8221; Documents &# 8220; scan&# 8221 ;, so that it e.g. Documents directly photographed and content can optionally further process the same.

The speakers do a very good impression. The volume is high and the quality is very good, which showed positive when watching movies and playing.

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