Delete happn account: Find it (iOS and Android)

You want to delete your happn account, but have no idea how this works? No problem, we'll show you how to do it &# 8211; Step by step.

Delete happn account: Find it's (iOS und Android)


Happn is a dating app that reminds very strongly of Tinder. it was inspired by the current top dog no question. Add to this a breeze &: Spotted; # 8220 &# 8216; Specific location&8217;&8221 ;, ie the known Facebook pages, where you can search for specific people who you've seen and would like to see again.

For in happn you only get suggested contacts, which one is more or less exactly went on the road.

If you have enough of the dating app, then we will tell you now, as you can delete the account very quickly on or off &# 8211; Step by step. Of course happn has something hidden this function you want to prevent users from moving back but actually.

Gallery happn

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Delete happn account

To delete the account to permanently, you have to take two measures:

  1. First we disable the happn account in the happn app itself.
  2. Then we delete the happn notifications from Facebook.

disable happn account

The deactivation of the account is simply a lucky, you just have to know where to click. Here happn deliberately tricked something so that you do not find the function as fast:

  1. First opens the happn app.
  2. Now you open the menu on the happn1
  3. Click on Settings and Preferences (depending on the language that is used on you).android happn2
  4. Here it first seems to be no button that allows deletion or deactivation of the account. He is simply hiding something.
  5. And under About. so click on About and Speaking. (Who comes out please?)android happn3
  6. Here you can now disable my account or Deactivate my account click.

Now the happn account is disabled. Then you can uninstall the app from your smartphone. If you, does not know how this works as follows:

For Android:

  1. Opens the settings.
  2. Now click on Apps.
  3. Selects here the happn app.
  4. Then you tap on happn

For iOS:

  1. Press and hold the happn icon on the home screen.ios-happn0
  2. Now press the X that appears and confirm the dialog. The app is now removed.ios-happn

Disconnect between happn and Facebook.

To disconnect the happn and Facebook, clicks you to the following article that explains this process in detail: Apps on Facebook delete.


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