ELEX: hacking, lockpicking and pickpocketing – Guidelines for thieves

Honor, faith and laws &# 8211; interest you in Elex less? Then you joined with the thieves and learned the knowledge of the redistribution of property. For this, you should understand the hacking, possess sufficient skeleton keys can move you safely on silent feet. We show you how you can apply this knowledge well.

This guide includes a spoiler for certain tasks and events. He added that they indicate more precisely the fact that you may ignore this paragraph if you want you can say anything. Otherwise you find out how you can hack terminals and vaults right and aufbekommt locks.


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As a thief Magalan

Should you do not abide by the laws and plug now and then foreign objects, you make it right. Elex without playing theft is much more difficult and as long as no one you can prove something, you need fear nothing. So you can do this successfully, you need the skills Hoes, lockpicking and pickpocketing.

Elex pickpocketing

Holt you what is theirs.

Tried the appropriate skills as early as possible to learn from the teachers. Especially hacking gives you not only directly objects, but also access to certain areas, which often accommodate fat booty.

Hack into Elex

Hacking is a bit confusing and there is not a tutorial, it takes a few tries to master it. Your first see an input with numbers from one to nine. Once you start hacking, you have only a few seconds to complete the puzzle. Observes the following steps:

  • You see at the bottom of a series of < and > Character.
  • Assigns the numbers so that they meet the formula and confirmed.
  • Either you have the puzzle solved now or the numbers appear in different colors.
  • If you have already found the right positions, single numbers remain.
  • The red numbers are not part of the equation and can be ignored.
  • The yellow numbers are possible variables that need to distribute it correctly in the following experiments.
  • Try you out in the trial on which you have set in the right place every number.

Elex hacken

Hardly a door can stop you if you can chop well.

You can chop both safes and terminals. Learned this as early as possible, since the spent learning points pay off very quickly.

crack-pocketing and castles

With these two features you can come directly closer to the valuables of your fellow beings. As a pickpocket you have to sneak up to you to NPCs and you can give them something out of the bag drag. However, this fails mostly because they notice you quickly and then there directly pick. It is better if you sneaking around at night and robbed sleeping people.

Elex theft

Under cover of night you are particularly successful.

Besides, you can then clear up in the houses the chests and boxes. With lockpicking and a skeleton key you have to push it up the bolts of the locks in a specific order. Do you make a mistake, they fall back down or Dietrich from breaking. Try you out, because there is unfortunately no general formula for all locks.

At this point, we warn you of a spoiler, as the next section refers to events in the history of Elex and can greatly affect you.

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ELEX: Here you can find all the teachers in Magalan

The claws (spoiler!)

In Edan you find an island with outcasts in the far south. Among them is the former Guardian Katta who told you that she was exiled for theft. It tells you also that it is of course completely innocent in the matter and you have the chance to whitewash with Alrik her name. Do you this, you will be a claw gratitude Katta.

claw elex

Alrik will guide you into the &# 8220; innocence&# 8221; to prove.

This claw is not just a trophy, but it gives you access to a secret group. These are called &# 8220; The claws&# 8221; and has its Hiding in the underground of the dome city. Are you so in Abessa you can enter drains through a hole in a rock wall. Alternatively, you can also give the beggar ten splitter and he gives you a key to a secret passage. If you join the claws, you can run theft orders and send your spoil a dead drop in each city. This makes her fat booty!

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