Mass Effect Andromeda: New trailer reveals characters and Mission

Today N7 day, the most important day for all fans of Mass Effect. Developers Bioware uses this feast day and released a new trailer of Mass Effect: Andromeda, which you introduce characters, locations and the new universe.


Mass Effect: Andromeda - Official Announcement Trailer N7 Day 2016 (German)

Today, on November 7 celebrating developer Bioware the N7 day. "N7" is in the Mass Effect series for the rank of a soldier who has completed the interplanetary combat training and thus is now part of a special unit. Has always been the studio now uses this day to reveal news about Mass Effect. This year there is a new trailer for Mass Effect: Andromeda, who introduces the new characters, the locations and the universe. Real gameplay can be found on the The Game Awards 2016 in December.

You are entrusted with the task of finding a new home and are looking for the Andromenda Galaxy. In this course you will also meet other life forms, unexplored secrets and to new dangers. The question is how far you will go in order to become the hero of mankind?

As the date for the release of Mass Effect: Andromeda for PS4, Xbox One and PC March 21, 2017 is under discussion. namely a book entitled "The Art of Mass Effect: Andromeda" will appear on that day that will parallel the launch of the role play appear. Anyone interested in the art book, it can already pre-order on Amazon *Mass Effect Andromeda: New trailer reveals characters and Mission.

Also known Electronic Arts announced that the trilogy Mass Effect now is free to play for all subscribers of EA and Origin Access Access. It is a good opportunity to tune into Mass Effect fourth

Pre-order now Andromeda: Mass Effect

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Look at the announcement trailer for the N7 Day in English at:


Mass Effect: Andromeda - Official Announcement Trailer N7 Day 2016 (English)

Check out the official tech video with gameplay of the PS4 Pro to:


Mass Effect: Andromeda - Official tech video of the PS4 Pro

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