Pretty Little Liars Season 7: Episode 11 When there is in Germany?

"Pretty Little Liars" includes 2017 of the most popular series ever. In the US, the seventh season has started in June 2016 before the first batch was sent in late August in the midseason break. Since April 18, we continue with the last ten episodes. Now the question is when you can see legal in Germany the remaining episodes of the new season of Pretty Little Liars as well. Actually need to waste her no more time and can immediately get started with Episode 11 &# 8211; unless you is quite the original sound.

In the US, the series runs at the station "Free Form", which was previously known as the "ABC".


Pretty Little Liars: When does Season 7?

The popular young PLL Ladies had to join some in the past six seasons of the show &# 8211; Hanna, Aria, Spencer and Emily, however, have been more behind than they expected still to come. Fans have to be particularly strong in the last consequences. So that there will be no eighth season of the audience favorite more was confirmed.

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Pretty Little Liars Season 7: When the show comes on TV & Stream to Germany?

Even now, one can imagine the seventh season in the English original version with German subtitles Follow-wise or as a relay at iTunes *Pretty Little Liars Season 7: Episode 11 When there is in Germany? or Amazon *Pretty Little Liars Season 7: Episode 11 When there is in Germany? buy at the regular rates. Shortly after the US premiere there is to see in the video services respectively, the latest episode of the seventh season of Pretty Little Liars on the stream.

Season 7 on Amazon

Amazon the new episodes are not part of Prime flat rate and must be purchased individually or in the form of the Season Pass.

On June 21, the start date on the newly named station FreeForm (ABC) in the US was. The season will have 20 episodes and started with the episode tick-tock, Bitches, which was written by Marlene King. Meanwhile, the long summer and winter break is over. Since April 18, there are the new episodes of the seventh and final season of PLL to see.

In Germany TNT series showed the first half of PLL Season 7 from 21 December 2016. In the season break we went on 22 February. With Episode 11 in German is what TNT series probably continue until autumn 2017th

  • The license for German television remains (. Former TNT Glitz) the pay-TV channel TNT series, which you unfortunately can not see the online live stream, but finds in certain cable entertainment packages from different vendors. These include cable Germany, Unity Media, Telekom Entertain & and Sky Germany.
  • Currently, you can look at TNT series, the sixth season PLL. There are daily seen on TV a series of PLL at 13:15. On Sunday there from 20:15 even three episodes at a time.
  • On May 10, it starts with the broadcast of the episodes from the seventh season of Pretty Little Liars at TNT series in Germany. Here, too, you can turn to the aforementioned times.
  • In the US, the series is back in April 2017 ten new episodes. To crown followed a two-hour series finale and following the series is discontinued.
  • Super RTL in Germany holds the free-TV rights, but the station could not get good odds with the series and put them unceremoniously over the fourth season starting. It is therefore not initially free TV broadcasting expected. Should it be a surprise in this regard, we will inform you, of course.
  • The first five seasons You can watch completely in the flat rate on Netflix. The sixth season PLL be found in streaming offering, for example Amazon *Pretty Little Liars Season 7: Episode 11 When there is in Germany? or iTunes *Pretty Little Liars Season 7: Episode 11 When there is in Germany?.

see TNT series with Sky

pretty little liars staffel 7 via amazon

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After Season 6 has finally brought enlightenment, who is behind the dangerous, unknown person with the pseudonym A, the next mystery was brought to the starting line at the end of the same.

It will therefore go back turbulent season in seventh After all, we already know that there will be a wedding and the speculation on who & How to end. There are several reasons to look forward to next season PPL, but unfortunately the German series start pulling out yet.

The episodes of the seventh season at a glance:

resultGerman titleoriginal titleOriginal USAGerman-speaking Original (D)
1Tick-tock, you bitchesTick-tock, BitchesJune 21, 2016December 21, 2016
2madnessBedlamJune 28, 2016December 28, 2016
3The Talented Mr. RollinsThe Talented Mr. RollinsJuly 5, 2016January 4, 2017
4All cleanHit and Run, Run, RunJuly 12, 2016Jan. 11, 2017
5And then came MaryAlong Comes MaryJuly 19, 2016Jan. 18, 2017
6Dead or aliveWanted: Dead or Alive2 August 2016Jan. 25, 2017
7Gangsteroriginal G'A'ngsters9 August 2016Feb. 1, 2017
8thEx-FilesExes and OMGs16 Aug. 2016Feb. 8, 2017
9The Wrath of KahnThe Wrath of KahnAug. 23, 2016Feb. 15, 2017
10The revenge is mineThe Darkest KnightAug. 30, 2016Feb. 22, 2017
11-PlaytimeApril 18, 2017-
12-These Boots Are Made for StalkingApril 25, 2017-
13-Hold Your PieceMay 2, 2017-
14-Power PlayMay 9, 2017-
15-In the Eye Abides the HeartMay 16, 2017-
16-The Glove That Rocks The CradleMay 23, 2017-
17-Happily Ever After ... NotMay 30, 2017-
18-Choose or Lose6 June 2017-
19-Farewell, My LovelyJune 13, 2017-
20-Till Death Do Us PartJune 20, 2017-

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Circuit to Season 7?

There were always new rumors that it may still could be an eighth season. After Lucy Hale announced in 2014 that the seventh season sealed the series finale, but did not hope for a movie, then explained showrunner Marlene King in 2015 that Season 8 not quite, is off the table because it would be built in this respect the wishes of the fans , Also it has again detected a potential movie in prospect. Recently she has but said in a Facebook live interview that the series will end after the seventh season with a two-hour series finale. In the video you can you confirm that Pretty Little Liars will end after Season 7, watch it again:

The end of the series is sealed accordingly. Since Tuesday, 18 April, the last episodes of Pretty Little Liars is broadcast. Just hours later, you can watch the episodes in the original version view directly into Germany via Amazon's video service. The start of the consequences in German follows in the second half.

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